Top 5 Myths related to Mental Health You Must Know About

myths about mental health

Top 5 Myths related to Mental Health You Must Know About

Mental health is an issue that requires prompt scrutiny from every person. But there are various misconceptions linked to it that hinder the way of proper treatment of individuals having a mental illness. These myths about mental health need to be busted.

Conversely, some facts about mental health need to be established. However, we are making good progress in the field of mental health gradually. There is good help available at a lot of places.

There is good Psychiatrist doctor in Patna to help you with both major and minor mental disorders.  Moving forward, we will be discussing some of the common myths that people have about mental illness.

Top 5 Myths About Mental Health 

1. I can never have mental Illness

Lots of people believe that they can never get mentally ill. But they do not know that mental health is very common in the world. In India, around 7.5% of the people have mental disorders as per WHO.

Some common mental disorders are anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. In India, around 90 million people have a mental illness. And this number is increasing dramatically every year.

This means that for every 15 people you meet one of them has serious mental health issues. A mental disorder is one in six of all health-related illnesses.

Having mental illness depends on various reasons, it can be because of the environment in the office or home, or it can be because of some childhood trauma.

2. Children and teenagers do not have mental illnesses

Children and teenagers do suffer from mental health issues. As per recent studies, half of all mental health issues begin by the age of fourteen years and three-quarters by mid-twenties.

According to the WHO, children and teens who are victims of mental illness are between 10-20% across the globe. In other words, 1 in every 5 children is coping with his/her mental illness.

Psychotics disorder, Mood disorders, Anxiety disorders, and Schizophrenia are the most common mental disorders that children in India suffer from.

Children can have mental illness due to various reasons sometimes, it can be because of parents’ abusive or neglecting nature. Other most common reasons are environment, genetic, biological imbalances, drug exposure, and prenatal alcohol which cause mental illness in children.

3. Mental illness is a sign of weakness

Mental illness is a common illness like normal body injury or infection which can be treated or controlled with proper care. If you need help with help your mental health, you are not weak. Instead, you are strong and you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

People having mental illness believed to be not strong and determined enough to handle their problems.Another thing people think is that mentally ill people are short-tempered and violent, which is a blatant lie.

You may recall various events, where people with mental health issues are treated unwell by normal people. Various studies show that people with mental illness are more vulnerable to being victimized.

We need to accept mental illness as a normal illness and seek help whenever required.

4. Mental illness cannot be treated

People believe that mental illness cannot be treated, and they start to accept it as their fate. Well, you do not need to. Mental disorders can be controlled and treated.

As per new research, between 70 to 90 percent of individuals have a noticeable reduction in symptoms and improved quality of life. This is because of the proper treatment and combination of pharmacological and psychological treatments and support.

Hence, complete recovery from mental illness is achievable and possible. Conversely, if you do not take medical help for mental health, the situation can worsen, and you can be stuck in this ambush forever.

Some people also assume that once someone is diagnosed with mental illness, he/she needs to continue with the treatment their whole life. Well, this is also a lie. People after getting diagnosed with mental illness can continue with their life normally and happily.

5. Therapy is a waste of time.

People assume that taking pills can solve most of their mental health problems and they do not need therapy. Well, this is not farther from reality. Illness caused by the chemical imbalance in the brain or hormonal changes can be treated with pills.

But mood or emotional disorders cannot be treated by the pill at first. Mental health issue caused by major trauma or incident certainly needs psychological help and therapies can have significant effects on the individual.

People fear or avoid going to therapy, thinking they will have to recall incidents that happened in past or their childhood. But modern sessions are problem and solution-oriented. Modern ways of therapy are short-term, and they can have compelling effects when used in combination with medications.

Let’s Summarize

Having mental health issues is very common in India and every 1 in 15 people you meet may have some mental health issue. However, the myths about mental health stops you from addressing it correctly. But mental health disorders are normal illnesses like any other bodily injury or infection. It can be treated with proper care.

Anyone can have mental illness old to kids; rich to poor; male or female. People having mental illnesses are not different rather ones some of us need support from our loved ones.

Marginalizing individuals having mental disorders is worse than anyone can do. Please remember that we need to fight the disease, not the patient. Therapy has a significant effect on the treatment process of mental illness and combining it with medication will help in a faster result.

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