ADHD in Women VS Men [Is Add More Common in Males or Females]

ADHD in women VS men

ADHD in Women VS Men [Is Add More Common in Males or Females]

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common conditions diagnosed in children.

It is a neurological disorder that causes several hyperactive and disturbing behaviors.

The symptoms of ADHD often include difficulty focusing, sitting down and staying organized. Many children show signs of this disorder before 7 years, but some remain unchanged until adulthood.

There are significant differences in the way in which the condition in boys and girls manifests. This can also affect how ADHD is diagnosed.

According to Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh, the top Psychiatrist in Patna, when the male and female accounts of the specific symptoms of ADHD are studied, the investigation has found that the symptoms they experience are more similar to the different ones.

However, when asked women and men about their experienced experiences with ADHD, they are likely to find some surprising differences.

Female ADHD Symptoms

Since girls with ADHD usually don’t display “typical” ADHD behavior, the symptoms may not be as obvious as they are in boys.

The symptoms Include:

  • Being withdrawn
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Intellectual Impairment
  • Difficulty With Academic Achievement
  • Inattentiveness Or A Tendency To “Daydream”
  • Trouble Focusing
  • Appearing Not To Listen
  • Verbal Aggression, Such As Teasing, Taunting, Or Name-Calling

Female ADHD Test

There are lots of online  evaluation test available for both female & male.

So, women can go & analyze whether they are suffering from ADHD.

Symptoms of ADHD in Males

  • Work or career problems; often unemployed, poor performance in studying or changing jobs.
  • Feeling unable to concentrate, and working well.
  • Compared with peers, have to spend more time in college or work just to keep up with the progress and deal with housework Problems with daily tasks such as paying bills, and organizing things, constantly forgetting things.
  • Missing appointments and meetings, and being late for meetings, it is difficult to complete tasks that require concentration.
  • Failure to complete things on time and continued delays.

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What Causes ADHD?

While the exact cause of ADHD is not clear, research efforts continue.

The factors that are included in  the occurence of ADHD include genetics, environment or issues with the central nervous system.

The Risk Factors Include:

  • Blood relatives, such as parents or siblings, suffering from ADHD or other mental illnesses.
  • Exposure to environmental toxins, such as lead, mainly found in the paint and pipes of old buildings Drugs,
  • Alcohol or smoking during pregnancy
  • Premature birth


Why Are Males Diagnosed With ADHD More than Females?

There are many theories of why ADHD is more commonly diagnosed in children than girls.

One possibility is that girls are in some way “protected” of ADHD development, so there is a greater burden of risk factors than in children so that girls develop problems.


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