Can ADHD Cause Anxiety? [ADHD and Anxiety and Depression]

can adhd cause anxiety

Can ADHD Cause Anxiety? [ADHD and Anxiety and Depression]

Having ADHD and anxiety might seem similar to sailing in a broken boat, in bad weather. Are you confused over; can ADHD cause anxiety? Is your child suffering from it too?

If yes, then shrug off your worries because we’ve got your back! We have curated this in-depth blog that clears out your confusion; can ADHD cause anxiety.

Anxiety and ADHD can sometimes go hand in hand. Wanna know more about the link between them? Keep reading to know the same.

Firstly, let’s recall what ADHD is.

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neuro-behavioural chronic disorder, common among growing kids and adults. In fact, childhood is the period which marks the onset of its symptoms.

So, it’s time to answer the most awaited question; can ADHD cause anxiety?

Moreover, we’ll be discussing ADHD and excessive worrying.

ADHD And Excessive Worrying

Whether ADHD can cause anxiety cannot be answered with a direct yes or no. Besides, we don’t wanna get away by concluding any fact with a vague perspective.

According to some medical research, over 60% of ADHD patients have a coexisting condition.

Furthermore, approx 50% of ADHD patients are more likely to have an anxiety disorder.

So, chances are that if you have ADHD, you are prone to anxiety too. However, the experts are yet to find the reason behind their connection.

Also, ADHD misdiagnosed as anxiety is common.

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So, how to identify ADHD with anxiety? Read below to know the same.

ADHD And Anxiety Symptoms

Following are some of the common symptoms of ADHD and anxiety.

  • Difficulty in concentrating or paying attention
  • Forgetfulness is constant
  • Not able to relax
  • Hard time in listening to and following instructions
  • Insufficiency focusing for long periods
  • Nervousness or worry surrounds all the time
  • Fear without an obvious cause
  • irritability
  • Difficulty in sleeping or  insomnia
  • headaches and stomachaches
  • Reluctant to try new things

Moving forward, let’s discuss whether there is a link between ADHD and depression.

Can ADHD Cause Depression?

According to some medical experts, you can have both ADHD and depression at the same time.

While ADHD makes it hard to attain focus, depression is a disorder that can add more to it. According to clinical research, about 30% of children who have ADHD are more likely to catch depression too.

However, diagnosing both conditions can be tedious as their symptoms are alike.

For instance, in both depression, and ADHD, trouble attaining focus is common.

Sometimes, the history of genetics is to be blamed for ADHD and anxiety and depression.

However, we are yet to receive concrete medical information on; can ADHD cause depression.

So, can ADHD and anxiety be treated? Keep reading to seek this answer.

ADHD And Anxiety Treatment

Nothing is more challenging than treating ADHD and anxiety simultaneously.

Why is that so?  Because some ADHD treatment implications can trigger or worsen the symptoms of anxiety.

However, one has to cater to both the distresses if targeting for a complete treatment.

So, what’s the solution?

Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh is the best doctor for ADHD treatment in Patna, who has efficacious techniques to treat both ADHD and anxiety.

Hence, below listed are some of the common treatments for ADHD and anxiety:

  • Cognitive and behavioral
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Meditation
  • Prescription medication

Above all, you have to be 100% honest and truthful with your doctor about your symptoms.

Subsequently, this helps in a proper analysis of your behavior, and thereafter implicating the required treatment.

Thus, never lie to your doctor.

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Final Thoughts On ‘Can ADHD Cause Anxiety?’

We through this blog walked you through all the important aspects of ADHD and anxiety. Most importantly, we learned can ADHD cause anxiety?

Thereafter, we looked for possible connections between ADHD and depression.

Apart from this, we also jotted down a few effective treatments that can be used to treat both ADHD and anxiety.

Moreover, we recommend you the best doctor for ADHD and anxiety treatment in Patna.

Also, you can even help your child cope with ADHD and anxiety by carrying out an ADHD or anxiety quiz for them.

Subsequently, this can help them to know such disorders better, and will ultimately get them out of its pull.

We hope this blog came out to be helpful and informative. However, if you still have questions about can ADHD cause anxiety, please let us know by commenting below.

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