Can Parkinson Cause Dementia? Know the Facts Here!

can parkinson cause dementia

Can Parkinson Cause Dementia? Know the Facts Here!

Can Parkinson Cause Dementia? Well, to know the answer to this question…you must know about the disease first.

Though, Parkinson’s disease is a kind of movement disorder…it tightens the muscle…makes them rigid…& people suffering from Parkinson, find it very difficult to do daily activities.

Moreover, it’s a very chronic disease that progresses & doesn’t go away with time.

Well, it’s true that the disease doesn’t go away with time, but still, there you can suppress it & have a healthy life.

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Now, let’s come to the point where we’ll be discussing few things like can Parkinson cause dementia, what is the Parkinson’s dementia end-stage, Parkinson disease dementia mortality.

Can Parkinson Cause Dementia?

As we know, Parkinson’s is a movement disorder & apart from that, it is usually common in people who are above 50 or 60.

However, some younger people might also get affected by the disease.

Though, when it happens at a younger age before 50…it is called early-onset Parkinson’s.

How Does Parkinson’s Affect the Brain?

When the disease occurs, some nerve cells (neurons) might break down or die gradually.

Though due to this the dopamine level of your brain decreases, & if the dopamine decreases, the brain will start behaving in an abnormal way.

Albeit, people often get confused over the two terms Alzheimer’s’ & Parkinson’s …well both the disease are caused by damaged brain cells…..but there are huge differences.

What Causes Parkinson Disease and Alzheimer’s?

Parkinson’s dementia is caused by impaired physical activities where the dopamine & serotonin gets damaged by the disease.

On the other hand, with Alzheimer’s, the two types of brain proteins tangles & plaques store up & kill the brain cells.

Moreover, the disease reduces learning capacity, comprehension & judgmental skills.

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What Is the Difference Between Alzheimer’s Dementia And Parkinson’s?

There are lots of differences between the diseases, like if we talk about age….Alzheimer’s generally happens after 60 & on the other hand, Parkinson’s occurs during the age of 50-60.

In Parkinson’s the muscle gets rigid & it slows down the movement, but in Alzheimer’s, there are no symptoms like this.

People with Alzheimer’s find it difficult to learn new things while those with Parkinson’s are not able to retrieve the memories.

Relationship Between Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s?

People suffering from both PD & AD can develop behavioral issues. Moreover, depression is very common in both diseases &it’s hard to tell the syndromes.

But, the symptoms must be clarified as they are managed differently. However, antidepressants treatments are more responsive to PD rather than AD.

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How Long Does Someone Live With Parkinson’s Dementia?

People having Parkinson’s dementia find it difficult to focus & remembering things.

Moreover, they might develop anxiety or irritability due to these.

Well, if we talk about the life span…a person with Parkinson can live for many years…however, according to the research, the average life span of a person is 5-7 years & 5this may differ from adult to adult.

Parkinson’s dementia behavioral Symptoms

As the disease progresses, the confusion & irritation also increases.

Moreover, the patients also start experiencing hallucinations or delusions.

Though, it’s better to notice the symptoms of the person having hallucinations.

Some Ways to Cope Are:

  • Sticking to a routine as much as possible.
  • Limiting the distractions.
  • Using things to help to stick to a normal schedule.


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Now, we sum up the blog “can Parkinson cause dementia”…..though, if you have any further queries, just tell us in the comment section below.

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