What Causes Addictive Behavior in Human – Fact Check

Causes Of Addictive Behavior

What Causes Addictive Behavior in Human – Fact Check

Do you feel like you have an uncontrollable desire to use substances? Are you dysphoric when you atop using alcohol or any other substance?

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What is Addiction? 

Causes Of Addictive Behavior, a complicated condition of impulsive taking of drug or substance. Addiction has grave consequences, and if not treated in time, it can be fatal. 

Addiction can be due to excessive alcohol intake, substance use, or drug use. 

Drug abuse is a leech fending off on the blood of substance abusers. There is not enough awareness and education among people about the ill effects of drug addiction. Even being addicted to alcohol and smoking has grave consequences.

It drains your body from within and leaves you with nothing. It’s not easy to recognise signs when you start developing an addiction, so you need to be utterly careful about the substances or alcohol you consume.

Taking it occasionally, and relying on it for survival are two different things. Know the difference, and don’t let yourself get pulled into this complex web of addiction. 

Addiction can be categorized in substance abuse and non-substance abuse (behavioral addictions). 

Substance addictions consist of addiction to substances like caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, barbiturates, opioids, cocaine, LSD, smoking tobacco, or sleeping pills. 

While addiction to non-substance abuse includes behavioral addictions. These can be gambling, eating disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, or some risky behaviors. 

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Addiction Causes and Effects

To live this life, you are always seeking happiness. If you are with your loved one’s, you get a dopamine surge and you want to experience it again. 

Using substances gives you a high similar to dopamine increase.

This increase can leave damaging effects on the brain. The brain chemistry changes and instead of driving yourself towards healthy behavior like eating, or working it leads to risky and harmful actions.

The effects of addiction are irreversible sometimes, and have devastating repercussions. 

The causes of drug abuse are:

Genetics: Your family history and genes play a vital role in influencing your addiction. Some genes are quite vulnerable to developing addiction.

And, if you’ve had a family history of someone with substance abuse you are more prone to developing Causes Of Addictive Behavior. 


Mental health disorders: Mental health conditions like depression, generalized anxiety disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, and bipolar disorder have a strong association with influencing addiction.

These conditions cause you to feel a lot of negative emotions.

Taking substances or alcohol eases the feelings because of dopamine release. And, thus they think they need Causes Of Addictive Behavior to survive. 


Environmental factors: The easy availability of the drugs is a major risk factor for addiction. Sometimes, parents or peers using drugs at home can also lead to easy access.

Prescribed medication can be misused by substance abusers. Traumatic childhood or abuse leads to teens or adolescents with substance use disorder. 



People have a varied range of symptoms in drug abuse that differs from every person. 

For example, the symptoms can be 

  • An inability to stop using drugs. People become so dependent that even if they want to, it’s difficult for them to stop. 
  • Increased tolerance: Due to their frequent use, slowly they need more and more doses of the substance due to their body becoming resistant to the euphoric effects. After a point of time, the body becomes tolerant to the increased doses as well. 
  • Lack of control: Substance abusers no longer have control on their lives. Despite knowing the ill effects of drug use, they feel they can’t survive without using the substance. Hence, the feelings of survival overpowers the feelings of guilt. 
  • Due to the effects of addiction, people engage in harmful and reckless behaviors. They are not in their senses half of the time and results in harmful consequences. 
  • Their condition of drug abuse leaves them with no work and no financial income. To fulfill their addiction, they might steal or rob to satisfy their needs. 
  • They become quite aggressive and get irritated immediately. They have intense mood swings. 
  • Substance abusers tend to lie to their families so as not to worry them and not wanting to get in trouble for their drug use. 
  • They get so attached to using drugs, that they prioritize it above everything else like their work, personal life and family. 
  • The people who are addicted, continue their persistent behavior, it won’t be once or twice indulgence. 


How to know if you’ve an addiction? 

Addiction can be diagnosed by clinical signs and symptoms. Your physician might ask you some questions to know about your condition better. 

  • Do you need drugs for your survival? 
  • Do you feel dysphoric after the effects of drug wears off? 
  • Do you have history of traumatic events? 

Sometimes, physicians might order some blood test and urine tests and perform a physical exam. 


Drug Addiction Problems and solutions 

Psychotherapy: Physicians use cognitive behavioral therapy and target behavioral patterns and issues relating to drug addictions.

Your therapist might try to make you open up about the reasons for your drug abuse. According to that, they will try to treat you. 


Medications: Substance abusers have a habit of using drugs. Sometimes, when they don’t get the drug the withdrawal symptoms kick in. Or at times, patients willingly admit themselves.

To help with the withdrawal symptoms, physicians can prescribe the following medications. 

Buprenorphine and methadone for opioid withdrawal. Nicotine patches, nicotine gums, nicotine therapy for smoking cessation. Naloxone and disulfiram for alcohol withdrawal.

Thiamine is also given with addition to these medication so as to prevent Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. 


Rehabilitation: The patient is offered counseling, medication, care, education, and motivation while living in a rehab facility.

They control the symptoms by medication and treat patients with utmost caremake sure he doesn’t relapse again. They even have them take therapy lessons. 


Support groups: People with addiction are ashamed of themselves. They are scared of the world and people judging them for their decisions and mistakes.

So, a group where people like them come and talk about their issues have a very positive effect on their condition.

They realize they are not alone and that motivates them to rejevenate their life. There are various support groups people with addiction can join and find the needed support. 


Drug abuse prevention: 

To not let yourself develop a disease is better than treating it. Once you develop, Causes Of Addictive Behavior it is difficult to stop and treat it.

In fact, its better if you prevent it from developing. Preventing a drug addiction can be done by 

Avoiding or never using any kind of substance or drug even for experimentation. Sometimes, it starts as an experiment and leads to devastating effects.

Try to avoid taking over the counter medications also. Developing a dependence doesn’t take time. 

Your family history and genes are foremost factor in developing these conditions. Make sure you don’t have a family of drug addiction. You can be more prone to develop it. 

Stress is a major factor that leads you to rely on substances giving you euphoria. People use these substances when they think there’s nothing more to life.

They feel a lot of negative emotions and it affects them. You should try to manage your stress. Don’t let your stress affect you to the point that you have to look somewhere for survival. 

People use drugs as a coping mechanism to the things they are feeling. Instead you can devote your time to something productive and make that your addiction.

This way you can focus on yourself and your life rather than wasting it away on some addiction issues. 



Causes Of Addictive Behavior  can take a lot of time to recover from. Some patients lose a lot of them to this condition.

Even after recovering, there’s no certainty that they will come out as the best versions of themselves. So, it’s necessary to recognize the signs early on. If you know someone’s suffering from addiction, you should try to help them. 

In today’s age, with medical and societal advances there are a lot of opportunities to get help for people with addiction disorder. 

You can get help from Dr.Vivek Pratap Singh, he offers the Best Addiction Treatment in Patna

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. You can be resilient and still ask for help when needed. Addiction has fatal outcomes.

Rather than drowning in your own condition, without anyone, let your family and loved ones support you. 

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