Affects of Dementia in Brain and Your Daily Lifestyle

How Dementia Affects the Brain

Affects of Dementia in Brain and Your Daily Lifestyle

If you are facing certain problems relating to your brain, then there are chances that you might end up suffering from dementia.  But, how Dementia Affects the Brain?

So, here we are going to give you detail on what is dementia and how it can be treatable. To brief out, dementia is a major neurocongnitive disorder in brain which is caused by the symptoms of other diseases.

It directly attacks the memory as well as learning power of a person. It is seen in aged people who are above 65 years of old. Nonetheless, in some rare cases it can be seen in low age people as well.

Let’s move on further to discuss about the causes and symptoms of dementia.

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a topic of broad spectrum which not only includes metal impairment but certain other bodily dysfunction as well. Different individuals face it in different ways.

In general, it affects the memory, language, thinking, and behavior and judgment power of a person. First of all, let’s study about types of dementia which will help in easy identification of your condition.

Types of Dementia

Dementia meaning is different as it is symptoms of several caused diseases. In simple words, there are different types of dementia that a person suffers from. They are-

  • Alzheimer’s diseases (formation of protein clumps in nerve cells)
  • Lewd body dementia ( gives problems in movements)
  • Vascular dementia (narrowing of blood vessels of brain)
  • Frontotemporal dementia ( also known as Pick’s disease)
  • Parkinson’s diseases (severe case where a person becomes insane or paranoid)
  • Huntington’s disease(premature breakdown of the nerve cells)

It may be divided into stages of mild, moderate to severe conditions, depending on the dementia causes.

Causes of Dementia

Dementia results in degeneration of neurons/brain cells due to certain dysfunctions in the body. But, the main reason for this condition is Alzheimer’s disease.

Some other neurodegenerative diseases that causes dementia are-

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Side effects of medications
  • Severe alcoholism
  • Pick’s disease
  • Tumor/infection in brain
  • front temporal lobar degeneration
  • corticobasal degeneration

These causes lead to certain kind of dementia symptoms. This might lead to difficulty is remembering or thinking about something.

Symptoms of Dementia

  • in early stages, you cannot cope up with the changes around you like the schedules or the environment around you
  • Subtle memory changes where you cannot remember the present day but can remember an incident about few years ago.
  • Being repetitive or searching for words to match in sentence while you speak
  • Change is mood, from being happy to frustrating all of sudden
  • Difficulty is completing daily chores

Thus, this is how Dementia affects the Brain and your lifestyle.

What Parts of the Brain are Affected by Dementia?

As dementia is the symptom of many other brain diseases, different parts of the brain can be affected in this.

  • Damaged hippocampus in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Damages the small blood vessels in the cortex area of the brain
  • Shrinkage of frontal/temporal lobe
  • Damage of cerebral cortex in Parkinson’s disease

Thus, it must be very clear how Dementia affects the Brain parts and can even lead to sever conditions if not treated at proper time.

Therefore, for you proper check up and complete understanding of your problem, you must visit Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh, a neuropsychiatric in Patna.  His guidance on memory and dementia treatment in Patna has helped many people from going completely insane.

What Happens to the Brain of a Person with Dementia?

With different areas of brain being affected by dementia, there might be certain physical changes that can be seen too. Some of the changes that can be seen are-

  • Size of the brain shrinks due to improper working of the other parts
  • Loss of brain tissues
  • Protein clusters/plaques/tangles are formed between brain nerve cells which can spread rapidly and cause inflammation
  • Damage of neurons, the brain cells, which slowly decreases the learning and functioning of the body overall

Thus, all these physical changes can be very traumatic. Nevertheless, different treatments are available for the same before reaching the severe stage.

Dementia Treatment

Before jumping into treatment, diagnosis by a trusted doctor is very much necessary.  With the consultation of a reputed doctor like Dr Vivek Pratap Singh, different treatments should be pursued for.

Some dementia treatments are medicinal and some are therapies.

Medicinal treatments include medicines or Cholinesterase inhibitors like-

  • Donepezil
  • Rivastigmine
  • Galantamine
  • Tacrine
  • Memantine

Other non-drug therapies include-

  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST)

These help in some behavior patterns and also changes in movement and thinking.


Therefore, this is how Dementia affects the Brain and also changes the daily routine of a person. As there is no such perfect cure for this condition, but consulting a doctor regularly and working on your health might prevent from severe condition.

Therefore, if you are looking for someone who could provide you good care in such harsh conditions, then Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh is the Best doctor for Dementia treatment. He is one of the most dedicated and devoted doctors who provides with excellent Dementia Treatment in Patna.

So, if you also facing the same problem, do book an appointment with him right now.

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