Silent Struggles: Unveiling the Emotional Toll of Sexual Dysfunction

how does sexual dysfunction impact life

Silent Struggles: Unveiling the Emotional Toll of Sexual Dysfunction

How Does Sexual Dysfunction Impact Life? Sexual dysfunction is defined as problems during any sexual response cycle that can affect a couple’s satisfactory sexual activity.

This is a widespread problem that people suffer from and because of the social stigma, people don’t seek treatment.

Do you think your partner is not satisfied? Do you feel you have an issue with your sexual arousal? Are you feeling like you cannot get aroused sexually?

Do you feel you are losing interest in sexual activities? Are you having pain associated with sexual intercourse? If some of these questions are bothering you, contact the best sexologist in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh.


What is Sexual Dysfunction?

How Does Sexual Dysfunction Impact Life? Sexual dysfunction can happen at any time to anyone at any age. When someone has a physical or psychological problem that interferes with their sexual activity can be known as sexual dysfunction.

It can be divided on the basis of a problem that occurs in one of the four stages of the sexual reproductive cycle. What are the 4 categories of sexual dysfunction? 

  • Sexual desire disorders are associated with a lack of sexual desire or interest. 
  • Arousal disorders mean the inability to get sexually excited during a sexual activity. 
  • Orgasm disorders include when there is a delay or absence of climax. 
  • Pain during intercourse is also included in this category of sexual dysfunction disorders. 

The sexual response cycle includes excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. During the excitement phase, sexual and arousal, both are included.

It is characterized by a decrease in initiation of sexual activity, pleasure, thoughts or fantasies. The lack of physical genital response to sexual stimulation is called sexual disorder. 



The sexual dysfunction causes are 

  • Psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of communication between partners, lack of commitment, and other interpersonal relationship problems. 
  • Past difficult sexual experiences because of lack of adequate sexual skills, or not knowing what the partner likes
  • Physical factors are more difficult and complex like genitourinary syndrome of menopause, vulvar dystrophies, side effects of certain medications, change in sex hormones, or fatigue
  • People using medications like SSRIs, anti seizure medications, or antipsychotics are one of the major causes of sexual dysfunction. 
  • Increased alcohol intake can also reduce sexual interest. 
  • Certain chronic underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or heart conditions can damage nerves causing decreased sensation in the genital area. 



The sexual weakness symptoms depend on the gender that is affected and the degree of sexual activity associated with it. The sexual dysfunction in men can be explained by 

  • Cannot achieve an erection or keep the penis erected enough for satisfactory sexual activity. 
  • Absent or delayed ejaculation even when there’s adequate sexual stimulation 
  • Cannot control the ejaculation timing leading to early, or premature ejaculation. 

The sexual dysfunction in women is characterized by

  • Orgasmic disorder that means women who have never been able to achieve an orgasm. 
  • Cannot achieve an orgasm even after sufficient sexual stimulation 
  • Pain during sexual intercourse 
  • Vaginismus is involuntary muscle contraction around the bagona when an entry is attempted 
  • Not enough vaginal lubrication before or after sexual intercourse 
  • Intense fear or anxiety about pain before or during penetration


What are the effects of sexual dysfunction? 

How Does Sexual Dysfunction Impact Life? Sexual dysfunction can take a toll on a person’s life. Sexual activities and intimacy are very important components for today’s world.

Dysfunction can affect a person’s self esteem to the point that they start doubting their abilities.

It can negatively affect a couple’s sexual life due to unsatisfactory sexual intimacy leading to their own unstable mental state.

Stress and anxiety due to the inability of not having a strong sexual relationship can lead to people thinking about it constantly increasing the risk of developing depression. 


How does Sexual Relationship affect Relationships?

Sexual relationships affect relationships by negatively impacting the couple’s sexual intimacy. Sometimes, these feelings lead to unhealthy feelings and thoughts going on in a person’s head.

Communication is very beneficial in a relationship. Not knowing the needs and wants of the partner can cause unnecessary tension among them. The lack of a sexual relationship is linked to psychological and marital distress. 

Erectile dysfunction’s impact on relationships are associated with shame and embarrassment, the most common reactions for men.

When erectile dysfunction becomes a common occurrence during sex, the feelings get stronger and more intense.

It’s important to address these feelings and the dysfunction or otherwise it leads to the partner experiencing the feelings of self blame, anxiety, and even anger.

If these things are not discussed before, the inability of the penis to get erected can be seen as a lack of interest in the partner. 


What makes a man weak in bed? 

It is known to be a fact that people sometimes get anxious before a sexual encounter. So, at times a man goes through the pressure of performance anxiety leading to fearfulness of not being good enough.

These feelings and emotions cause a man to rethink everything and feel like whatever he will do can make his partner uncomfortable or the experience can be unsatisfactory.

While work related stress and anxiety are also one of the major reasons for shutting down of sexual impulses.

Men can get concerned with their self body image and feel they are not good enough or worthless.

This is most commonly seen in the cases of past sexual trauma, and going through the process again can trigger their insecurities and anxiety regarding the situation. 


How do you deal with sexual dysfunction? 

There are various treatments and therapies available for sexual dysfunction. Depending on the underlying cause, or physiological conditions, the treatment varies.

The female sexual arousal disorder treatment focuses on the factors that contribute to the sexual dysfunction. The lack of sexual interest, or arousal can be due to depression, or psychological causes that can be taken care of by going for cognitive behavioral therapy.

This mindfulness cognitive behavioral therapy lets the female focus on the present moment. Sometimes, doctors even refer these women to sex counselor, or a psychotherapist. 

If women are experiencing pain during sexual intercourse, then treatment for the pain can effectively decrease the anxiety around having sexual interest and might even help with the lack of sexual interest and arousal.

Women with vaginismus are offered therapies with vaginal dilators to help relax muscles and get used to the penetration. Kegel exercises and cognitive behavioral therapy are available for further management.

Post menopausal women who are experiencing hormonal imbalance with decrease in estrogen or progesterone and testosterone are offered with hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone replacement therapy should be only prescribed by the physicians after history taking and according to individual patient’s needs. 

Flibanserin is a drug used to treat premenopausal women with sexual arousal disorder. Although, there is not much evidence about its safety and effectiveness.

Bremelanotide is another drug prescribed to women for low libido. It is an injectable form given 45 mins before anticipated sexual activity.  

Psychological therapies help women to identify their anxiety issues about sexual activity and how to trust a partner. Psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or sex therapy has proven to be quite beneficial for women suffering through these issues. 

Male sexual problems and solutions depend on the underlying cause such as a chronic medical condition or due to side effects of certain medications.

If the medication is the cause of dysfunction, then stopping it might help. For men, drugs like sildenafil, tadalafil, or vardenafil help improve sexual function by increasing the blood flow to the penis.

Mechanical devices such as vacuum devices, and penile implants might help men with sexual dysfunction.

How Does Sexual Dysfunction Impact Life? Typically, first oral drugs are tried and observed if they are effective. If this is not effective. Drugs are injected into the penis before sexual activity.

Penile implants with inflatable prosthesis are one of the other options to achieve erection for sexual intercourse. 

The male sexual dysfunction treatment varies widely according to the cause and degree of dysfunction. Men who cannot sustain an erection are offered constriction rings.

As the penis is erected, the ring is put on the base of the penis to prevent the blood flowing out, thus allowing it to be firm and hard.

A hand-held vaccum device is available that can draw blood into the penis by vaccum effect and then the constriction ring is placed on the penile base. 

For some people, oral drugs are not effective and surgery is indicated. Surgery to implant a penile prosthesis is done that takes up a form of silicone rod that can be inflated or deflated. 

Sexual dysfunction in men and women both are treatable until a point. This kind of dysfunction is turning quite common and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

The best sexologist doctor in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh deals with these conditions and can offer the best treatment options. 

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