How To Overcome Trauma Triggers Without Therapy – Tips

How to Overcome Trauma

How To Overcome Trauma Triggers Without Therapy – Tips

Trauma occurs after an event impacts you negatively. It causes emotional vulnerability. Do you often get anxious? How to Overcome Trauma?

Do you feel numb after experiencing a trigger? Are you constantly living in fear of the unknown? If these questions are bothering you, visit a Psychiatrist doctor in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh.

Traumatic events like a car accident may instill a fear in you about driving cars. If you get asked to drive a car, you’d start feeling anxious and feel your heart racing. You may even feel an anxiety attack coming.



Emotional trauma is defined when you can’t control your feelings. When you feel overwhelmed in general with your daily activities.

  • If you’re anxious, feel intense and unpredictable feelings.
  • You have increased sensitivity to sudden sounds, or movements causing anxiety.
  • You’ll notice changes to your sleeping and eating habits.
  • You might lose interest in activities you enjoyed before.
  • You can have strained interpersonal relationships. You’ll feel detached from your family and friends. You wouldn’t feel like talking or interacting with any of them.
  • You may feel physical symptoms like headache, nausea, or vomiting. Sometimes, some people can even get a change in their bowel movements.
  • You’ll feel your heart racing, with palpitations.
  • Numbness and tingling all over your body.
  • Sweating and diaphoresis
  • Feeling of an impending doom
  • Agitated or irritable
  • Mood swings


How to Overcome Trauma?

When you’ve gone through a traumatic event, the flashbacks of traumatic memories can come without any warning. You might not even be prepared to face it.

  • You can seek help professionally to deal with the stressors.
  • You should open yourself to people who want to help you out.
  • Try talking about what’s bothering you and what kind of memories you’re dealing with.
  • Don’t try to isolate yourself from the people who love you.
  • Joining a support group can help you deal better with your feelings. When you see other’s going through something similar like you, it helps you talk about it more freely. You realize you’re not alone in this battle.

Traumatic memories have a tendency to hinder your emotional state in an unimaginable way. Don’t ignore your feelings. Try doing things for yourself that make you feel better.

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You can live a normal life for days even after a traumatic event. Although, sometimes when you experience a trigger, you go back to square one. It sets you back to a place you never want to go back to.

  • The foremost thing you can do is, recognize your traumas. Acknowledge your stressors.
  • Rather than going round and round, face the memories. Try to be okay with your triggers and don’t avoid them. Facing your traumatic feelings can be the key to your recovery.
  • Prioritize yourself and your feelings. Don’t settle for anything less. If you’re not okay with something, say it out loud and do something about it. Put your feelings above everything.
  • Try doing things that make you happy. Go outdoors to restaurants or gardens and relax yourself.
  • Activities like pottery, art, or visiting museums may distract you from your turmoil.
  • Do more physical exercises, swimming or yoga. Meditation helps your mind relax and makes you feel at peace with yourself.


How to overcome trauma from childhood?

 Many kids have a traumatic childhood which leads to them developing insecurity and anxiety. Your childhood matters a lot. More often, childhood traumatic experiences are projected into adulthood.

  • If you have had a traumatic childhood and you’re still haunted by it, try talking about it to someone.
  • You have suppressed feelings since a long time, and acknowledging those feelings will help you heal.
  • Talking to a therapist can guide you towards overcoming your trauma.
  • Have patience with yourself. Don’t self-criticize and guilt yourself into thinking something is wrong with you.

You should know you’re not responsible for what happened. And, you can take as much time to heal as you want.


Living through emotional trauma can take a toll on your mental health. Recovering from emotional trauma is a journey that takes a lot from you. So, it’s important you let someone help you.

  • Accept the support your friends and family offer you. Don’t feel guilty about the situation you’re in. It’s not your fault whatever you’re going through.
  • Seeking the right kind of help is important. You can refer to the best psychiatrist in Kankarbagh, Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh.
  • Try connecting with others, like talking with people who are going through the same thing. Enrolling yourself in a support group helps a lot.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy has been proven to aid a lot of people with their trauma. Talking with an experienced and the best neuropsychiatrist in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh can help you relax. The therapist can provide assistance and guidance on how to navigate their journey. You are given homework and activities to deal with your symptoms more efficiently when you experience them again.
  • If behavioral therapy is not working and you’re not getting the results you want, your physician might prescribe some medication to calm down your anxiety. Dealing with symptoms is an essential part of treating the trauma.
  • Psychodynamic therapy targets the impact of a traumatic event a person has on their life. The therapist will try to gauze the traumatic event and accordingly decide how you should deal with it.
  • Sometimes exposing the patient to the event through imagination, can help them overcome the feelings they feel with the memories.



 Trauma can affect different people in different ways.

Some people can experience a myriad of symptoms and take a long time to heal. While some others are emotionally not so vulnerable and can deal with their feelings.

  • The principal way to heal from a trauma is accept your feelings, and try to be okay with it. You should know how to calm down your mind when you’re feeling anxious or down.
  • Meditation really helps people reach a sense of peacefulness and soothes your soul.
  • Healing from your trauma without therapy is possible if you learn to believe that you can come out of this stronger. You should know your trauma is not bigger than you.
  • Practice self affirming thoughts every morning. Give yourself credit for what you have gone through and you’re still surviving.
  • Pat yourself on the back for waking up everyday morning, and not giving up on living.
  • Be convinced that these thoughts don’t control your life and you’ll get better eventually.


The key to surviving your trauma is never stop believing in yourself. You have come way too far to give up now.

 How to rebuild your life after trauma?

 Trauma takes a lot from you. So, it’s only obvious that you build your life around your trauma so that it doesn’t wreck your life again.

  • Try planning and organizing your day. Every morning, plan your day and write it in your diary.
  • Plan to do something new everyday. That will make you look forward to a new day.
  • Try journaling. Write things that bother ypu. Write things that make you happy. Try writing down all kinds of feelings. As a result, your heart won’t always be so heavy.
  • Self-care can bring just as much change in your monotonous life. Taking a bath by surrounding yourself with a few candles and slow music can relax your mind.
  • Go for walks. Breathe the fresh air in. Sometimes, just going around looking at people and surroundings will make you pleased with the beauty of this world.

Knowing How to Overcome Trauma affects your mental health profoundly.

Overcoming traumatic sexual abuse, or painful childhood abuse can be a hard job especially for the one who’s suffering through it.

A person needs emotional support for their healing journey.

If someone close to you is suffering from PTSD, or dealing with memories from their mental trauma try to be there for them.

Just being there and listening to them open up can make a huge difference in their healing journey.

Their suppressed emotions need to be let out for them to comprehend their life.

Your feelings can be notorious that can either make you feel at the top of the world or the next second it can bring you down with a force you’ve never known.

If you’re going through an emotional rollercoaster ride with your mental health, try visiting the Psychiatrist in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh.

Therapy can offer you a chance at a better life without constantly living in a fear of your anxiety and traumatic memories.

Mental trauma is no joke! Before it consumes your life, take control and lead a better life.

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