Tips & Tricks to Quit Cannabis Faster

How to Quit Cannabis

Tips & Tricks to Quit Cannabis Faster

It’s quite normal these days to hold the habit of smoking weed or cannabis. Youngsters often do it to make a cool or make them attractive between their friend circles.

Well, despite of this fact, deep down you all must know that it’s doing nothing but slowing down your mind making you lazy & addicted to it.

So, what’s the call? How can you stop yourself? How would you know How to quit cannabis?

Well, that’s why we come up with this blog today,  so that we can add a little contribution to your life helping you know the ways to quite cannabis.

But, Before getting ahead, we want you to know that sometimes it’s hard to fight the battle on your own, you might need some help.

Regarding that, there is a very good Deaddiction Centre in Patna run by a very knowledgeable & renowned Psychiatrist in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh.

Well, we’ll discuss about him & his treatments later, first let’s move on to the topic & know How to quit cannabis?

How to quit cannabis?

Here we are exploring some basic tactics that you can try if you really want to quit cannabis & lead a healthy life.

Know Why You Want to Stop

First of all you must have to decide the reason behind quitting cannabis.

Giving light to that, you might be feeling drowsy or lazy, or finding distance from the people you love.

Reason can be anything, but first you have to figure out why you want to quit & be focussed, think about it that if you don’t quit cannabis know, things will go more worse.

Well, some of the basic reasons people cut cannabis from their life are:

  • Relationship problems
  • Mood Changes
  • Low energy or Decrease in Self Care
  • Lack of Interest in Hobbies

Clear Your Approach

Now that you’ve got the reason to quit cannabis, now it’s the time to make your approach crystal clear.  yYu have to quit it no matter what’s the cost.

Giving light to that, you just have to be consistent with what you do just think that if you go back things will get more worse & you won’t be able to quit cannabis.

Pickup New Hobby

If you get bored sitting at home & tend up smoking weed or cannabis, then it’s the time to get back to old hobbies or acquire a new one.

Think, what you like doing the most, if you love reading or watching movies, make them your habit, or maybe you can go for some new hobbies, like learn some new languages or activities, so that your mind don’t get indulged into smoking again.

Make a Plan to Tackle with Triggers

Triggers can have a strong effect. Even if you decide to quit smoking, the specific symptoms you are associated with can lead to cravings.

These factors may include:

  • Sleep problems
  • Work stress
  • To see friends you’ve been with before
  • Watch TV movies that you watched when you were long

Try to create a list of activities that you can check for these factors, such as:

  • Take melatonin or hot baths to help you fall asleep
  • Restart your favorite TV comedy series to reduce stress
  • Call a trusted friend who will support your decision

Take Help From Counsellor

It’s quite normal to get disturbed in the quitting process, somehow you might need help from other, friends & families will be there to support you, but there should be someone who understand your psychological issues.

With that being said, you must need a psychiatrist, & Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh is the Best Psychiatrist in Patna who have helped lots of addicted people & now they are living a normal life.

So, you must make a contact with him once, then you decide in your own whether he is a good call or not.

The Bottom Line

The symptoms of cannabis withdrawal aren’t severe, but you might get trouble while sleeping, mood swings, or sometimes irritability.

Well, you have to fight with these things. Now, that you know How to quit cannabis, just focus on your goal & keep your mind calm.

Now, we take your leave here, if you have any further queries, just write us in the comment section below.

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