The Impact of Addiction on Family and Friends

impact of addiction on family

The Impact of Addiction on Family and Friends

Battling addiction is suffered by many as a personal experience but do you know about the impact of addiction on family or friends?

The parents, children and friends may all be impacted by addiction. The effects of Consuming alcohol and drug addiction can be both long-term and short-term. A loving home can be destroyed by alcohol and drug abuse.

The consumption and Addiction impacts the person with the substance use disorder and everyone around them.

Family system theory and attachment theory are a model that provides a framework for understanding how substance use impact the family. Understanding the current development stage of the family is important.

Each family and each friend is uniquely impacted by the individual using the substance. For children, there is a high risk of developing an Addiction.

Family and friends should maintain the family’s secret of substance abuse. Healthy boundaries are important in the normal development of a family, children, and friends. Addiction impacts the family in many ways, including legally, financially, emotionally and medically.

How Addiction Impacts the Family?

There are many ways that the family can impact by the addiction to substance abuse. Family members see their relatives as looking down upon them. The family can see the impacts caused By the consumer so, which will help them to prevent some problems. Best Deaddiction Centre in Patna discussed these impacts.

How Addiction Affects Young Children?

According to the Best de-addiction centre in Bihar, one in five children grows in a house where a parent abuses alcohol and drugs. The young children with witnessing the trauma of parents suffering from addiction. It has long-term effects on children at a young age. We all know that children copy their parents.

So children who grow up seeing a parent addicted to alcohol and drugs are more likely to develop the same thing in adulthood.

Not only are they affected by substance abuse also neglected by physical and sexual abuse. Seeing parents on alcohol often distressing emotion, which leads to mental problems and emotional disorders.

Children are still developing their personalities at their age, but this harmful behaviour can bring a high risk of repeating such behaviour in future.

The argument between parents is, Drinking may be normal. But causing the child emotional stress as they witness family members fighting is a horrible nightmare for them. Often, the child develops extreme self-blame and guilt for the parent’s substance abuse. The children may feel that they are not close to their parents and also close the attachment in adulthood. Often, children are removed from the home and placed in foster care or any relative care.

Teenage Addiction Impacts the Family

According to a report, aged drinkers are more than the adult drinker. At least 19% people between 12 to 20 years old drink alcohol regularly. Marijuana is more common in teens than cigarette smoking. Teenagers deal with pressure in school and are also constantly affected by temptation.

Teens who have experienced parental substance abuse are likelier to abuse substances in adulthood. Teenage addiction can bring both external factors like pressure in school and internal factors like genetics. Substances like drugs are causing them to perform poorly in school And sleep less. Side effects of their children can negatively impact familydren.

It can also strain the relationship between patients and children. Next, the financial problem is the main problem that can face a family.

Already hold poor performance in school. The children can behave recklessly in the home or outside of the home. Children become aggressive and steal money to consume those substances during that time. If the parent doesn’t give money to them, they can run away from home to achieve their desire. And also edited to other drugs and alcohol that can cause lung Cancer.

College Student’s Addiction

Teenagers who abuse substances are more likely to continue to struggle in their college. Friends are impacted by them when they exposure to drugs. At that time, mood swings are the main symptoms that the person can have. So that the person cannot behave in their character or make new friends.

The person cannot handle college commitments and suffers from money problems. Many will continue to party, and substance consume at a party. It cannot be able to handle by the parents, so they behave more recklessly.

Drug addiction has negatively impacted family and friends as relationships get affected, and alcohol and drugs are why it happens. The family and friends are the person who gets the most affected because the person who is affected by drugs does not have the sense to understand what is going across him but the friends and family get affected regularly.

The deaddiction centre in Patna has also recommended that the friends and family should not lose hope in that scenario and should be with the patient to help recover to the actual state he is supposed to be in.

The parents of the drug addicts also get affected very much because they it is difficult for them to digest the fact that the child is under drugs and alcohol and is also become an addict who is not able to reduce the habit.


Currently, teenagers have been directly exposed to drug abuse and consume drugs and alcohol that affect their style of living. These people have chances of having mental disorders and also have chances to die very soon in their life because their body does not have the capability to digest these things.

If one needs to consult the doctors and needs to take important advice, then you should consult the best deaddiction in Bihar who will help you to cope up with the addiction problem that you are having and will help you reduce the problem.

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