Internet Addiction Disorder: Types and Causes

Internet Addiction Disorder

Internet Addiction Disorder: Types and Causes

Now a day using the internet is very common. As the internet makes our day-to-day work easier every single human is inclined towards it.

No matter whether one is a student or a working employee for both, the Internet is as useful as medicine to a patient.

But like too much medicine is not good for any human body, too much usage of the internet is also not good as it may later cause you Internet Addiction Disorder.

Yup, we understand one needs to use the internet for their work or get some information or when feeling tired then for the refreshing mind.

This is ok but problems arise when this refreshment of mind goes too far that one cannot stop themselves from scrolling down Instagram reels or watching random videos on YouTube or any other online platform even though they have pending work to do.

If you are also one of those who cannot stop themselves from using too much internet then it might be like you are going through internet addiction disorder. You can also consult the best Best Neuro Psychiatrist in Patna for treatment.

Now after knowing this your mind might be wondering about this Internet Addiction Disorder then no worries in today’s article we are going to tell you everything about Internet addiction disorder so be with us till the last of this article.

Let us jump right into our article.

What is Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD)?

IAD, also known as Problematic Internet use or Pathological Internet use, is a type of cyber addiction that is generally defined as the irresistible use of the internet.

By spending too much time watching YouTube videos, playing online games, scrolling through Insta or any other social media, chat room, dating sites, and so on, even though they have much productive work to do.

In some studies, it is found that for students who use too much of the internet, their academic performance deteriorates day by day.

Using the internet too much also cause health problem, as it hinders your sleep. How? Because your mind will keep moving around further progress of the games you are currently playing online or checking some network updates or many might stay up to chat with someone even though it’s time for their sleep.

Internet Addiction Disorder also interferes with your dopamine levels or other hormones. Hence, the irresistible use of the online platform can negatively impact one’s family relations, work responsibilities, and health.

Despite many research studies on the effects of Internet Addiction Disorder, it is not yet recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (DSM-5) as any kind of mental health disorder.

Now you all must be somehow understanding about IAD, so let us go further and get to know about the types.

Types of Internet Addiction Disorder

There are no specific criteria made to identify the type of Internet addiction disorder but researchers have made some subcategories of IAD or problematic internet use or Pathological internet use.

Those subcategories are as follows:

Computer Addiction or Gaming Addiction

Since games like PUBG, Solitaire, Minecraft, Call of Duty, ROBLOX, Multiverse, Rimworld, Subnautica, and so on (as the list is not going to end) come into the online market, many students or working employees start to spend their too much time on playing.

Moreover, they are ignoring their task which affects their productivity and quality of work. Computer gaming addiction not only involves online but also offline games.

Cyber Relationship Addiction

Cyber Relationship addiction refers to an addiction to social networking.

This signifies that the addicted one spends most of their time finding a new relationship online ignoring their real-life family and friends.

Moreover, this also leads them to become anti-social people who cannot interact with any person in the real world.

Net Compulsions

Net compulsion refers to the addiction to online gambling, online auctions, trading stocks, or online gaming.

This addiction may impact one’s financial stability and also cause them stress which might later give a negative impact on their real-life relationship.

Compulsive Information Seeking

As we know the internet has vast knowledge. It is good because if we want to know about something then we only have to do is type its name in the search space then automatically all the information comes in front of our eye.

But the problem arises when one is compulsively doing it as it will deteriorate their productivity of work which leads to job termination.

Cybersex Addiction

Cybersex addiction involves browsing adult websites, adult chat rooms, online pornography, and many adult role-play XXX sites.

When one is too much addicted to cybersex then it might cause hindrance and inability to form a real-world sexual or romantic or intimate relationship.

Online Shopping Addiction

Online Shopping addiction can be caused by one’s thinking that online shopping is cheap but this causes an addiction to be on any online shopping site which later might cause financial distress.

Thus, we now know about the types of Internet Addiction disorder. Now, let us move to the next section of this article in which we will talk about the potential causes.

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What Causes Internet Addiction Disorder?

The reason why people suffer from Internet Addiction Disorder is yet not clear but what we think about is that rise of technology, the invention of the smartphone, varieties of games, and social media platforms might cause IAD.

Using social media also raises Dopamine which is a neuromodulatory molecule responsible for the feeling of pleasure, motivation, and satisfaction.

And we know all social media platforms have features such as like or reaction and when people online appreciate someone then this cause boost of Dopamine in their system making their brain feels lovely.

Depression and anxiety can also be the reason for Internet Addiction Disorder as people who are going through these emotions escape from it by using the internet or playing games online.

Apart from above mentioned reasons environment where we live might also be one of the reasons for IAD.

We guess now you are aware of some reasons which may cause Internet addiction and, in this case, you can avoid many of them easily.

If you or any of your loved ones are suffering from IAD, you must consult the Best Neuro Psychiatrist in Patna for proper treatment.


Now let us look at some of the questions which can come to your mind relating to IAD.

Is IAD a mental disorder?

According to the World Health Organization and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IAD is not a mental disorder. IAD can be classified as either an obsessive-compulsive disorder or an impulsive control disorder.

How one can stop Internet addiction?

There are certain rules which you can follow to stop your addiction some of them are like limit your internet usage time, using an external shutdown device on your computer or phone, and completely stopping using some not-so-profitable application or use in which there is an option of time limitation.

Is Internet addiction disorder curable?

Yes, IAD is curable but one might need to take the help of a therapist or psychiatrist or consider going to the de addiction centre in Patna.

So that’s all for this article. Hope you find this informative!

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