Unraveling the Struggle: The Complexity of Getting Over Addiction

Is Getting Over Addiction Difficult

Unraveling the Struggle: The Complexity of Getting Over Addiction

Is Getting Over Addiction Difficult? Substance abuse disorder takes a lot from the person and their family. It can get frustrating and challenging while putting up with someone going through addiction.

It’s not an easy journey and there’s a lot of things to factor in when it comes to recovery. Although, it’s important for people to understand the complexity and work accordingly.

A lot of people experience feelings of guilt and worthlessness that only keeps on increasing over time.

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What are some recovery skills? 

Is Getting Over Addiction Difficult? Quitting substance abuse and starting anew needs motivation and willpower that should come from within. Someone advising, and telling a person on how to do things can really affect their journey.

Rather than that, when someone says they are trying to be sober, try to be there for them when they need someone to rely on.

There will be times when the person will need to call someone in the middle of the night because they can’t handle the cravings and anxiety, it will be the responsibility of you as a friend and family to help that person see the right thing. 

Is Getting Over Addiction Difficult? Try not to go to the events where there is drug or alcohol in the beginning because it can only make matters worse. Until a person is secure about their recovery, and knows that they can survive around substances, it’s better to avoid them. 

Always keep a plan ready if things go south like what to do if there’s a situation surrounding drugs and alcohol and unable to resist the temptation.

For example, have someone on hold if you ever need a ride out or need someone to make sure you don’t relapse. 


What are the five rules of recovery? 

Is Getting Over Addiction Difficult? Recovery can be hard because of obvious reasons. But, giving up on getting better because it seems hard and impossible is not the solution.

And, understanding the fact it’s important for the body to get rid of these addictions can be a great start to a thought process of healing. The five rules of recovery are 

Change your life. One should try and heal from things and take better control of their life. To face the traumatic past and trying to move forward is the best first step towards changing life. 

Be completely honest with the people around like family and close friends. They are the ones who are also going through this journey with you and keeping them in the loop can help if you relapse or are getting depressed about life. 

Asking for help is not a bad thing. On most days, people are weak and don’t know how to handle things.

For them, talking to a therapist, or someone they trust can release the pressure and burden from their shoulders allowing them to feel good about themselves.

Sometimes, when people get lost, talking to their closed ones can help them see the light and feel optimistic about their journey. 

Is Getting Over Addiction Difficult? Practicing self care is vital for the mind and soul. It works like a charm for the body. Self care makes one feel better about themselves and helps them appreciate their body.

It is common knowledge that substance abuse can cause stress on the body and lead to harmful effects. Self care helps you to feel more confident and deals with issues of self-esteem

Don’t try to bend the rules or work around them to fulfill your whims. For example, people can think one smoke or one drink won’t hurt, that it won’t affect their journey.

And eventually it becomes a habit again. So, it’s better to have a strict set of rules that one follows to avoid getting relapsed. 


What are the 5 keys to recovery? 

The recovery process can be tough and draining for people. So, the key to maintaining that is 

  • Physical well-being is important as is taking care of oneself to create a healthy foundation for recovery 
  • Emotional and mental well-being is about addressing the mental health challenges posed due to drug addiction. Individual counseling, and group therapy can help one achieve that. 
  • Social well being involves having healthy relationships with people inside and around. Reconnecting with family and close friends who support sobriety is important. 
  • The purpose of recovery is finding a reason and connection to the soul and life beyond substance abuse. Practicing mindfulness, and engaging in personal growth can help make a difference. 
  • Take responsibility and accountability for personal actions and decisions. Setting goals, positive choices, or managing stress and triggers can help navigate through the challenges one faces. 


What are the four stages of recovery? 

The four stages of recovery include things like

  • First things first, treatment initiation is the first step towards starting recovery. Whether the person decided themselves to opt for recovery or were forced due to circumstances, doesn’t matter as long as they begin the process with a professional treatment. 
  • Once a person decides, the recovery commitment is the second stage involving early abstinence. A lot of addicts find this stage the toughest because they have to deal with withdrawal symptoms, psychological problems and physical cravings. The coping skills during this stage can help an individual for the longest of time. 
  • Now, after going without drugs for around 90 days, comes the stage where one should know to maintain this abstinence. One should know how not to relapse after coming so far in their journey and how to deal with their triggers. 
  • After remaining sober for around four to five years, there comes the stage of advanced recovery where whatever the people learnt about the coping skills, and counseling is put to use in living a healthy and fulfilling life. 

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Why is recovery so hard? 

The recovery process requires a person’s full commitment and dedication.

Sometimes, for some people it gets difficult and even though they want to go for recovery it becomes harder for them to deal with things. If they don’t have a good support system, there are more chances of relapse.

Recovering addicts go through a rollercoaster of emotions, and they would need someone to have their back when they are about to give up, sometimes not having people or enough motivation can lead to a negative impact and make the recovery harder. 


How can I be successful in recovery? 

The willingness that comes from mind and soul is ultimately the reason through which one can strive for success.

A lot of times, cravings, withdrawal symptoms and anxiety can lead people to become depressed and give up on themselves. Having and believing the core value of faith can help one not lose hope during their journey. 

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