Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Safe – Cost For Men

s Testosterone Replacement Therapy Safe - Cost For Men

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Safe – Cost For Men

Testosterone is the male sexual hormone responsible for regulating the development of male sexual characteristics and growth. So Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Safe? Typically, people take testosterone replacement therapy when they are suffering from any underlying condition needing to replenish the testosterone hormone.

To know if or Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Safe contact the sexologist in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh. 

This is a sexual hormone, produced in testicles. It helps maintain 

  • Sperm production 
  • Development and sexual characteristics growth
  • Facial hair
  • Muscle and mass production

Testosterone levels peak in adolescence while gradually declining once you hit 30-40 years of age. 

Declining testosterone can have a lot of factors and conditions associated with it. 

Hypogonadism, a condition in which there’s declined testosterone by testicles or pituitary gland. It can be due to 

  • Traumatic testicular injury 
  • Side effects of chemotherapy treatments
  • Genetic conditions like klinefelter syndrome and kallmann syndrome. Both are characterized by small size of testicles due to low testosterone production. 
  • Considerable increase in weight causes stress to your body. This in turn decreases the testosterone levels. Although, it’s better if one maintains their body BMI when they are young and growing. If the body is fit during adolescence, the body can produce enough testosterone for the proper development of sexual organs and characteristics. 
  • Consuming large amounts of alcohol leads to testosterone decline. 


In women, the causes of low testosterone can include 

  • Surgical removal of ovaries 
  • Adrenal insufficiency 
  • Oral estrogen therapy

Low testosterone causes a number of issues. Sometimes, one can’t even know that they have low testosterone levels in their body. It will be detected when the signs and symptoms start showing. 


Signs of low testosterone 

The symptoms Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Safe can be varied in various human beings. 

  • Men can suffer from erectile dysfunctions that are not able to maintain their erection enough for sexual intercourse. Testosterone is the one responsible for the reaction causing the erection. If the testosterone levels are low, he won’t be able to sustain an erection. 
  • The testicles will be small in size for people with low testosterone. 
  • Semen, is called male ejaculate. Testosterone helps produce semen. Reduced semen production can be due to low testosterone levels. This can be a factor leading to infertility too. 
  • Reduced testosterone has shown difficulty in falling asleep and sleeping. Testosterone levels are low in sleep apnea, a disorder causing trouble breathing waking up the person in between. 
  • It has even shown some effect in mental health disorders causing depression, anxiety and irritability. 


The symptoms in female with low testosterone can be 

  • A lot of women undergo hot flashes when there’s low estrogen. But, this is a common symptom with low testosterone levels too. 
  • This causes a hormonal imbalance affecting the menstrual cycle and irregularities. 
  • Vaginal dryness is a common symptom with low testosterone levels. 
  • Reduced testosterone causes anemia, a disorder resulting in low levels of healthy blood cells. The main symptom people experience is fatigue. 


The common symptoms due to low testosterone levels can be 

  • As discussed above, testosterone helps build muscle mass. In absence of this hormone, body undergoes reduced mass, function, and strength of muscles. 
  • Testosterone produces bone mass and maintains volume. Low testosterone leads to reduced volume and strength making the bones vulnerable to fractures. 
  • The major factor that gets affected by low testosterone is sex drive. Declining testosterone levels causes loss of interest in sex. After a certain age, the sex drive decreases anyhow; but with low testosterone sex drive goes through drastic decline. 
  • The decreased testosterone levels causes increased fat tissue deposition in the body. Sometimes, boys develop gynecomastia that is enlargement of breasts due to low testosterone. 
  • Hair loss is one of the symptoms of low testosterone levels. 


Except for the symptoms men undergo due to low testosterone, there are medical conditions caused by testosterone deficiency syndrome. 

  • There is an elevated risk of cardiovascular disease and the risk of mortality from this condition increases. 
  • High risk of metabolic syndrome like high blood pressure, abnormal lipid levels, increased insulin. 
  • It causes increased risk of atherosclerotic diseases. 
  • Oncological emergencies like prostate cancer, testicular cancer etc. 


Treating low testosterone levels

Depending on the underlying condition relating to low testosterone levels, the healthcare provider might suggest the treatment or surgery options. 

If no cause is detected, testosterone replacement therapy is the common way to go. 

  • Testosterone therapy includes artificial administration of testosterone hormone. There are varied forms of this therapy 
  • Testosterone patches deliver a specific amount of testosterone daily and need to be replaced everyday.
  • Testosterone gels require local application.
  • Intramuscular testosterone supplements, given every four weeks.
  • Testosterone pellets, these are implanted beneath the skin and lasts for 4-6 months supplying testosterone.
  • Testosterone wafers is one of the types of treatment not yet approved for patients because it dissolves beneath the teeth and gum causing irritation to the mouth.


There is little evidence that testosterone therapy improves a patient’s youth and energy.

Taking testosterone therapy increases testosterone levels and helps make the sexual function better with elevating the sexual interest.

It has shown to aid with hypogonadism by reversing its effects. Although, due to taking testosterone therapy some men might feel more virile and energetic thinking they are more of a man now after taking the therapy.


Testosterone replacement therapy side effects

Testosterone therapy replacement leads to a number of side effects such as

  • Sleep apnea 
  • Acne on face 
  • Skin reactions or rashes
  • Prostate enlargement and might cause benign prostatic hyperplasia or can cause prostate cancer to worsen
  • Declining sperm production or shrinking of testicles
  • Breast enlargement
  • It causes red blood cell enlargement leading to clot formation. This can in turn cause complications like pulmonary embolism.
  • Some of the risk factors can include frequent urge to urinate, fluid retention.
  • Hardening of skin around injection sites.
  • Headaches
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Increased blood sugar levels increasing type 2 diabetes risk 

Testosterone therapy in women can be used to boost sex drive. Most commonly, it occurs after one has gone through menopause.

After menopause, due to a decreased level of estrogen women lose interest in sex and even undergo vaginal dryness. Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Safe is advised after one has exhausted all their other options. 

Very little research has been done on testosterone therapy in females, so if someone has a history of heart disease, liver disease, or vascular issues it’s not recommended in them.

Even if a woman has a history of breast or uterine oncology, defer from using the therapy. More information can be provided by your healthcare provider about dos and don’ts.

The common side testosterone side effects in females can be

  • Acne
  • Hot flashes
  • Hirsutism on face and body
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain


How to get testosterone therapy treatment?

Depending on your condition, the healthcare provider might run some tests and accordingly decide what kind of treatment you need.

Testosterone replacement is mostly available online or from a prescription you’ll have to buy from any pharmacy or your physician might order and keep for you. 

Testosterone replacement therapy costs depend on the form of treatment you need or decide.

  • Testosterone injections are the most affordable formulation available. A testosterone vial of 200mg/ml without insurance can cost about Rs. 3500-8300/-. You can inject it under your skin.
  • Testosterone creams applied most on scrotal areas start from Rs. 41,500/-
  • Testosterone pills can range from Rs. 8300 – 25000/-

Choosing the best kind of formulation depends on your doctor and condition. The physician might run some lab tests and compare according to the values and decide which formulation might suit you the best.

All formulations have their downsides and benefits. Your doctor can make an informed decision from your tests, so visit a sexologist near you in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh who can offer you the best advice regarding this. 

Notifying the physician of any positive changes is important. For example after trt therapy, common benefits can be

  • Increase sex drive
  • Recharge energy levels
  • Sharpen mental memory
  • Aids with weight loss

Informing about positive and negative effects is important because that’s how the physician might understand if they need to increase or decrease the dose of the medication. Or if they should prescribe some other kind of formulation. 

Well, sometimes you can stop testosterone replacement therapy, most doctors say it is a forever commitment.

A lot of people have this question, once you start testosterone therapy, can you stop? Considering the condition and hormone levels, if the body is not able to produce hormones naturally, stopping testosterone therapy is out of question.

Because stopping it might lead to other side effects and there is anyway no hormone in the body to make up for the hormone stores if one stops taking it.

It is not decided on doses of hormones that once given, it’s done, magically the hormone levels will start coming to normal. No, lifelong you’ll need therapy with dose adjustments. 

If you’re concerned about Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy Safe, or think there’s some issues with your physiological sexual function, visit the best sexologist in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh.

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