Tips to Keep Your Children Safe From Mental Health Issues

Tips to Keep Your Children Safe From Mental Health Issues

Tips to Keep Your Children Safe From Mental Health Issues

Searching for some Tips to Keep Children Safe From Mental Health Issues. Find all that you need to know in this blog.

As parents, you always try to provide the best for your children.

Be it healthy food, better education, keeping track of physical health and getting immunizations. But when do you think about the mental health of your children? How can you keep your child mentally healthy?

According to the WHO, every one in five children is suffering from some mental disorder globally.

Half of the mental health issues in adults begin by the age of 14. A few common reasons why children suffer from mental health issues can be genetic, biological imbalance, prenatal alcohol, and drug exposure.

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Let us discuss some of the most popular tips to keep your children safe from mental health issues.

How to Improve a Child’s Mental Health?

Keeping a check on your child’s mental health is important. Here are some tips that can help you in improving your child’s mental health.

1. Start With Yourself

Parents are the first teacher of children. Children follow their parents or caregivers. You should take care of your mental health first and need to model good mental health for your children and create a healthier environment.

You need to start setting examples of how to deal with a stressful situation and stay mentally healthy.

If you are suffering from some mental health problems, then your child is most likely to get mental health issues also. Some research has also shown that if you are getting therapy and treatment for your mental health issues then the mental health issues of your child also improve significantly.

2. Stay Consistent

Staying consistent as a parent is important. You need to maintain discipline and structure your child’s brain so that they can adapt to changes easily.

Things like divorce or moving to a new city can be sudden and big changes for the kids. Daily routine, ensuring what to expect daily and discipline should be established to prepare them for sudden changes and manage their emotions.

As children always want to know what they need to do next, what rewards they will receive if they do good things, and the consequences they will face after some unethical activities.

3. Teach Them Stress Management

Your child will face some traumas like bullying and abuse. And you cannot stop these things.

Stress is evident in these situations and stress is a normal part of our lives. There will be sometimes when your child will not submit an assignment or there will be fights with their classmates. You need to teach them how to deal with stress.

Show them some techniques to manage stress and keep calm. For instance, counting 1 to 10 when something goes wrong or taking a deep breath and imagining their favorite place.

4. Encourage Healthy Habits

Encourage some healthy habits in your child which in turn will help in keeping them mentally healthy.

Good night’s sleep, eating healthy, lots of exercises, and the habit of meditation and yoga can help them be more mindful, calm and mentally and physically healthy.

Some research shows that developing habits of showing gratitude and mindfulness can have a high impact on a child’s mental health.

5. Self-Esteem

Developing self-esteem in your children can improve their mental health significantly. But you cannot do it alone.

First, you need to do your part in developing their self-esteem and then you need to teach them how they can develop their self-esteem on their own. This can be done by providing them with real praise which they can control like praising their efforts and contributions.

Do not praise how smart they look. Another thing you should do is let them be independent whenever possible. Children feel good about themselves when they do things on their own. Let them make their sandwiches.

Another thing you should do is develop a habit of healthy talks, whenever your children have negative thoughts, they should be able to draw positive conclusions from it.

6. Please Listen

Listen when your child is trying to communicate with you. Listening can help them become a better communicator and it can also be a good start to understanding how they feel.

Playing with them and spending time with them in their favorite activities can cause a significant role in connecting with them. While you listen to your child, you not only see the contents shared by them but also understand their way of thinking and emotions.

By listening you can judge if your child is suffering from any mental health problems.

7. Check for Anomalies

Check if your child is behaving differently and have some issues like trouble concentrating, cannot focus on the thing at hand, and an inability to stand still.

These issues can sometimes be just not too serious and may not long last. But if such issues stay for more than two weeks then you should consult with your child’s physician.

According to research, 21% of children suffering from mental health disorders do not get the treatment they need. Visiting mental health professionals can help parents also to get the support and resources they need for their mental health.

You can connect with a qualified psychiatrist for help. For people in Patna or nearby areas, visit the best Psychiatrist in Bihar for help.


So these were some tips to keep your children safe from mental health issues. Hopefully this blog helps. Comment us if you still have any queries.

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