From Stress to Circulation: Comprehensive Male Impotence Triggers

Male Impotence Causes and Treatment

From Stress to Circulation: Comprehensive Male Impotence Triggers

Male Impotence Causes and Treatment is defined as sexual dysfunction in males that consists of being unable to achieve an erection, hard to maintain an erection, or ejaculating consistently.

It is known as erectile dysfunction which can happen due to any number of physical and psychological factors. Have you noticed any difficulty in achieving an erection?

Is it difficult for you to be sexually aroused?

Do you have problems with ejaculation? If these are some problems, one is going through it is important to check out the best sexologist in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh. 


What is Weak Erection?

In males, sexual dysfunction can cause difficulty in achieving an erection or maintaining an erection. To put it in simple terms, this type of condition can be explained as a weak erection.

It mostly affects older men, but in some cases, underlying medical conditions or side effects of medication can lead to male impotence.

It is a very common condition that impacts an individual’s ability to have a satisfactory sexual experience.

The most common cause of weak erection happens when the blood flow to the penis is blocked. There are a number of health conditions that can cause this 

  • Obesity
  • Kidney disease
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Trauma

The psychological cause of Male Impotence Causes and Treatment that leads to impotence is stress which is the major reason people suffer from impotence. Anxiety and depression are two major factors that impact the development of erectile dysfunction.

The hormone levels of testosterone commonly affect an individual’s ability to attain an erection. Testosterone influences sexual development, and when it is decreased, or not produced enough it can lead to sexual problems.

Medical condition that can affect heart and it’s ability to pump blood can lead to impotence. Atherosclerosis is a condition where the blood vessels get clogged leading to impotence. 


What is the Main Cause of Erectile Dysfunction? 

Male erectile dysfunction is a complicated disorder involving hormones, nerves, blood supply and muscles. It is most commonly known to derive from any of this.

The main cause leading to this condition is smoking. It restricts the blood supply to the penis. A mixture of physiological and psychological effects can lead to male impotence.

For instance, if some minor physical condition is causing issues in sexual arousal, this can cause anxiety and overthinking leading to worsening of the symptoms. Some of the other causes that can cause this condition are

  • Vascar problems
  • Hypertension
  • Metabolic syndrome consisting of high blood pressure, or high insulin levels
  • Smoking
  • Sleep disorder 
  • Peyronie’s disease – characterized by scar tissue in the penis 

Prostate cancer or benign prostate hypertrophy treatment 

The brain is an organ that can trigger various kinds of reactions starting from a series of physical events like erection, and feelings of excitement. In some cases, mental health symptoms can interfere with this process like

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

Interpersonal relationship issues because of stress, poor communication or concerns. Depression has an associated risk of impotence, due to feelings of sadness, and hopelesness.

Along with that, performance anxiety has been shown to cause anxiety and this leads to inability to achieve an erection. 


Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in 20s 

Younger people tend to have some risk factors that can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. Drinking too much alcohol at a young age can have lasting effects on the sexual organs.

It makes it harder to maintain an erection. Obesity is quite common in young adults because of the lifestyle they live. This leads to blood vessels affecting the circulation throughout the body and penis.

Substance abuse in young people is associated with decreased blood supply. This causes blood vessels to become narrow and restrict the circulation. 


Drugs that cause erectile dysfunction 

Medications and recreational drugs can cause sexual arousal problems and affect their sexual performance.

Any medications one is using, needs to confirm with their healthcare provider about their possible side effects or life threatening reactions. The following antidepressants and medications can lead to this condition

  • Amitriptyline
  • Buspirone
  • Chlordiazepoxide 
  • Fluoxetine
  • Fluphenazine
  • Phenytoin
  • Oxazepam
  • Antihistamine medications such as 
  • Diphenhydramine 
  • Hydroxyzine
  • Promethazine
  • Hypertension and diuretics 
  • Thiazides
  • Antiparkinson medications
  • Chemotherapy
  • Opiates and recreational drugs are another class of  drugs that can cause male sexual dysfunction. 


Erectile Dysfunction Mechanism

It is managed by two mechanisms that is reflexive erection caused by touching the penile shaft or psychogenic erection by erotic stimuli.

The peripheral nerves and an intact limbic system is needed for the appropriate functioning of the sexual organs.

When there is a nerve damage erectile dysfunction can ensue due to damage to spinal cord, or traumatic injury. It can even develop due to hormonal defeciency, or disorders of neural system. 


Diagnosis of Erectile Dysfunction

In a lot of cases, physical exam and history taking is enough for the physicians to diagnose erectile dysfunction.

Although, sometimes there can be presence of an underlying medical condition, where further consultation might be needed to know the physiology and the cause. 

Erectile dysfunction tests can include 

  • Physical exam that involves careful examining the penis and testicles and to check adequate nerve sensation. 
  • Blood tests for signs of infection, diabetes, heart condition, or vascular disorder. 
  • Urine tests can used to diagnose diabetes, or other underlying health conditions. 
  • Ultrasound that is a transducer like device held over penile nerves and vessels to check for the blood vessels and flow issues. It can sometimes be done with injecting medications in the penis and stimulating the blood flow. 
  • If it’s a psychological cause, the physician would take thourough history to rule out mental health causes such as depression, or anxiety.


What is the Latest Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction? 

The treatment for male impotence is available in the form of medications, natueal remedies, and lifestyle changes. The medical interventions that can be used to treat impotence are 

  • Alproatadil
  • Sildenafil
  • Vardenafil
  • Testosterone replacement therapies 

The treatment for weak erection depends on the underlying causes that led to this condition. The physical causes such as atherosclerosis that affects the blood flow.

Diabetes is another cause that leads to ED. Sometimes, depression and intimacy issues also lead to male impotence.

The treatment focuses on medications to treat the medical condition. If the cause is psychological, therapy and antidepressants can be of great assistance. 


Can impotence be cured? 

The simple trick to cure ED is focusing on the reversible causes of this condition. If the cause can be treated and reversed, there is a chance that erectile dysfunction can be cured. 

  • The medications that can cause ed as a side effect can affect sexual function. Some of the medications are 
  • Hypertensive medications, antidepressants, and antihistamines. And if it is possible to change the medication prescribed, or lower the dose, talk to the healthcare provider.
  • People assume alcohol, cocaine, and other recreational drugs help them be more confident about their sexual activities but it’s the opposite. Regularly consuming 3 or more drinks of alcohol everyday can reduce testosterone levels. 
  • High body fat, especially diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol cause ED. This lowers the testosterone levels and affects the sex drive. 
  • Hormonal imbalances such as low testosterone, high prolactin, abnormal thyroid levels can cause male sexual dysfunction. 
  • Obstructive sleep apnea gets low oxygen levels at night and can suffer from this condition. Treating it with an overnight breathing mask can raise blood oxygen levels. 
  • Psychological or emotional causes can lead to erectile dysfunction.  It includes performance anxiety, traumatic past experiences, relationship difficulties all can lead to mental and physical health issues. 

The current treatment that exists for erectile dysfunction is Viagra with the longest safety record and treatment for mild or moderate symptoms.

Its effects start after 30 minutes and reach the peak maximum effects after an hour of ingesting it. 

Tadalafil, similar to Viagra but lasts longer than that or any other ED medication. The effects start appearing after 30 minutes, peaks at 2 hours and lasts for around 36 hours. 

A lot of people have questions if erectile dysfunction can be cured. The permanent cure for erectile dysfunction again depends on the causes.

If the causes of Male Impotence Causes and Treatment can be reversed one can be free from erectile dysfunction. However, if not they can suffer from the disease for a long time.

There are medications available for primary relief. They can be taken as prescribed by the physician. The best psychiatrist in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh deals with these issues and is the best option to get help. 

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