Connection Between Penile Length and Testosterone Therapy

Penile Length and Testosterone

Connection Between Penile Length and Testosterone Therapy

As the popular saying goes, size doesn’t matter. Although, in some instances it has proven to be a prime concern.

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Men from time to time get concerned about the size and appearance of their penis.

And, as for some it’s not an important matter, a lot of other men go through a lot of social stigma due to the size and appearance. 


Testosterone Effects On Penis

Testosterone, a male hormone that regulates sexual hormones and sexual development in your body. 

There are a varied range of factors playing a role in determining the size, and appearance. 


A human life is made up of genes. From their appearance to their characteristics, and a lot of their quirks depend on the genes they inherit from their parents. 

The X chromosome  from a female mother consists of more genes than the Y chromosome from male father. 

Sometimes, some genetic conditions like Klienfelter syndrome or Kallman syndrome affect the penis size. Klienfelter syndrome manifests as 

  • low penis and testicle size
  • low sex drive
  • low sperm count

Kallman syndrome has declined production of testosterone and hcg. This leads to no development of sexual characteristics and decreased penile size. 


Testosterone is the male sexual hormone influencing the penis and testicle size. The pituitary gland produces a hormone called luteinizing hormone. This hormone’s work is to produce testosterone. 

Fluctuating levels of testosterone in a pregnant woman can affect the fetus’s development of penis. 

Conditions like 5-alpha reductase deficiency, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia have decreased levels of hormones. Due to this, the size and appearance differs from the normal. 

Other factors such as 

  • Environment pollution and chemicals can disrupt the endocrine system that eventually affects  the hormone levels. 
  • Nutrition is a vital component in the development of a child’s growth. If you don’t get the adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals, the development is delayed.
  • This leads to delay in normal puberty affecting the development of sexual characteristics like a size variation in penis and testicles. 


Does Testosterone Increase Size in Adults? 

Penile Length and Testosterone has a lot of influence so the answer can be contradictory. 

Testosterone, a sexual hormone, helps in development of sexual characteristics since infancy. If the testosterone levels are low due to underlying genetic conditions, or other factors it might lead to small penis and testicles. 

The penis develops during puberty and goes on until a man reaches adult maturity. 

Hence, testosterone can increase penis size, although only during the development stage of your body. Once the sexual maturity is achieved, there will no longer be any increase or decrease in the size. 

So, then some people have questions like does testosterone increase the size of balls? 

As discussed before, relying on testosterone is only until you reach the end of your sexual maturity age. Until then, testosterone has effects on your testicles and penile length. 

Once you reach 18, or our puberty, there is no more increase in the development of your body. Even if there’s an increase in the testosterone level, it won’t affect your penis size. 

You can also learn about Female Sex Hormones and ways to boost them.


Does Testosterone Increase Prostate Size? 

There is a myth regarding Penile Length and Testosterone. Many researchers have noted that taking synthetic testosterone has been linked to an increase in prostate size.

It leads to an enlarged prostate called benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). It has shown to play an active role in prostate cancer as well. 

Testosterone is an important hormone for the development of sexual characteristics.

But, as its said too much of anything can be harmful; too much of testosterone can cause ill effects such as increase in prostate size, unexplained weight gain, or excessive body hair. 


Can Low Testosterone Affect Penis? 

Now, we know Penile Length and Testosterone are on high during puberty. If some factors or conditions have a negative impact on testosterone production during this phase, it can affect the penile size.

If you aim to lose weight before puberty, it can influence your penile size by increasing testosterone levels. In some cases, taking TRT therapy has shown to burn fat and increase muscle mass.

Hence, TRT therapy in appropriate doses can have a positive effect on obesity and reduce fat.

At the same time, it increases testosterone levels helping you achieve an optimum range of hormone levels for your rapid growth during puberty. 



As discussed earlier, testosterone hormone is the key for the development of penis length. At the same time, penis growth depends on your age. 

Testosterone in women helps penile development in the 8th week of intrauterine life. The testicle development beings at around the same time. 

The testosterone production is influenced by human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) from mother.

Later one, the pituitary takes the role of producing two vital hormones – luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). 

Even after the child is born, his androgen levels and the growth of penis remains slow. It develops only after they finish the stage of the whole reproductive system.

After one reaches puberty, penile growth cannot be enhanced by testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy is futile because the testis and penis have already reached their girth. 

If TRT is given before or during ongoing puberty it may influence the penile size. 


Can Topical Testosterone Increase Penis Size?

As the data suggests, topical testosterone may grow penis. But, the key point being the age when it is used. If used in early childhood, before puberty it has the most awaited effect. 

After puberty is achieved, nothing can help  increase a penis size. Early treatment is the only reason one can increase their penis girth. Even then, it won’t make it bigger than one’s given genetic size. 

The common assumption about topical creams and testosterone therapy increasing the penile size is futile. There have been no proven benefits or results of these products after one has reached puberty. 

For erectile dysfunction, one uses vacuum therapy but it has a lot of risks involved with it while also only giving temporary relief. 

A stretched penile length less than 3.67 inches is termed as micropenis. It can be due to any underlying genetic condition. The first approach to this is using testosterone therapy in infancy.

It has shown great results. Surgical measures are also advised for this condition. Although, it has its risks involved. Your physician might not advise it only for cosmetic reasons. 

Penile length has always been a dominant issue for men. As for some they feel it’s their virility associated with it.

If you if you’re someone who is unsatisfied with your penis, visit the Best Sexologist in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh. You can get the best advice and solutions here. 

The size of your penis doesn’t matter as long as you are healthy and there’s no other condition underlying it. Every man has an average size of penis.

There should be nothing to compare about it. As the penile size doesn’t define how much of a man you are! 

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