Top 5 Questions People Ask Their Sexologist

Questions People Ask Their Sexologist

Top 5 Questions People Ask Their Sexologist

Talking about sex is been a big taboo in our society. So in India, we don’t have proper sex and health care education. We grow up in a society where Questions People Ask Their Sexologist is a rude offence.

We are not taught in our education that sexuality speaks more than us. Our emotions and our satisfaction is all related to sex.

There is no other topic except sex. Sex is filled with many misconceptions and fear in India. The questions that people want to ask range from different types. It is generally certain sexual problems that they face. Here we prepared the top 5 questions people ask their sexologist.

Is some questions related to sexual health or disease is bothering you, consult the best Sexologist in Patna for help.

The questions are very common that every person can ask. We also have answers to those questions. Here we go-

#1. Don’t Feel Anything in Relationships

The most common ask questions that they don’t feel anything. Why is this a big problem? Mainly this problem happened because of the lack of knowledge about the body. They don’t know what pleasure and sexual practice is. In sex, the couple goes straight to the point.

They don’t understand what her desire is or what skills they need to know for enjoyment.

It can be the main problem of not feeling any sexual relation towards your partner. Also, this can be happened because of the stress in daily life. The best Sexologist in Patna says that good communication and connection can achieve pleasure.

First, you need to think of your body; what does the body need?

Then it would help if you did role-play games before intercourse. It will excite your mind and body. The most important thing you have to connect with yourself. Self-stimulation is a way to connect with your own body. It will give you perfect pleasure. Then you can feel attracted to your partner and feel the love in relationships.

#2. In Bed, Can’t Stand the Time

One of the most asked questions by men. A correct time for ejaculation has not been established. Many men in India think the longer you hold on, the better sex will be. But it’s not true at all. Sexuality is more than intercourse and ejaculation.

It is just a play of sensuality, fun and erotica pointed out by the best Sexologist in Patna. In this situation, quality is more important than time. But you shouldn’t forget the quantity.

In bed, you need to endure your arousal. Don’t focus on only penetration. Try different types of sexual practices. You can also change the rhythms if you both want. Fast penetration can stop the process, but you must control and enjoy the moment.

You should understand this is not a race course, so feel the moment and relax. Create the power of enduring with your partner.

#3. Ejaculate Too Fast; How to Fix It?

Most frequently asked questions among the male sex. Each case had its different causes. This problem occurs because of organic conditions, emotional problems, drugs, or medication. Also, this can be happened because of hypersensitivity.

In this situation, Sexologist in Patna carries out a complete treatment.

This treatment is based on a proper study. This treatment mainly occurs because of the lifestyle of the patient. It’s normal to get relaxation exercises. You need to know your behavioural techniques to control your arousal. Exercise will help you to grow the pelvic floor. It will change your sexual habits.

Then you can hold the ejaculation for a while. Your partner will be happy and you also. Of course, you have to improve your daily eating and resting habits. Maintain these, and you will be happy mentally and physically.

#4. Can’t Get Orgasm?

Generally, this question is asked by women. The best Sexologist in Patna always asks this question, do you reach orgasm? Sometimes the answer is no. The problem occurs just because of the lack of sexual knowledge. The woman doesn’t understand her own body.

The person Doesn’t know how to stimulate or stimulate the body simultaneously. The person can’t connect with the mind and the body. If you want to get an orgasm first, you have to relax your body. Be attentive to your body and feels the sensations of love. Many factors can affect your orgasm. Sexual beliefs about sexuality can be a problem. So consult a Sexologist and explain your problems.

#5. Experience Pain During Sex

Knowing what kind of pain it is is important. You need to understand the cause of pain. Suppose you both are not agreed upon the rules of sexual games. Then this can be a problem. If your partner hurts you during foreplay, you are not agreed.

Then it will be a serious offence. But if you agree on this type of pain, you need to know these things.

Suppose you don’t have enough lubricant for sex if your partner rushes and ejaculates too fast. Then there is the answer, longer foreplay. Try to play different characters before intercourse. If you feel your position is wrong, then change it.

If your vagina structure is different, then you should try different positions. If you have gynaecological conditions then you must consult a gynaecologist. Suppose you have experienced traumatic sexual abuse in the past. Consult a psychologist or sexologist.

It is not abnormal – Questions People Ask Their Sexologist. If you relax and explain your problems properly, a sexologist can help you. People go through different phases. Sometimes some things can change people’s sexual behaviour. Hormonal changes, fatigue, and stress can affect a person’s sex life.

Some past traumatic sexual experiences can be a reason for avoiding sex. So the Best Sexologist in Patna comes with various answers to your questions. Of course, feel safe towards your partner. Good communication can solve anything.

Hopefully, this blog on Questions People Ask Their Sexologist helps.

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