Snoring in Children: Causes, and Treatment | Dr. Vivek Pratap

Snoring in Children Causes, and Treatment Dr. vivek Pratap

Snoring in Children: Causes, and Treatment | Dr. Vivek Pratap

Are you concerned about your child who snores? Does your child snore very loudly?

Then you are at the correct place. Today’s blog is all about snoring in children. We will explain to you the causes and treatment of Snoring in children.


First of all, you should only be concerned about your child if he/she snores very loudly, regularly, and harshly. In addition, it is also seen that snoring is frequent or infrequent. If your child snores infrequently or sometimes then it is not an issue.


Whereas regular or severe snoring is a big sign of a sleep disorder called sleep apnea disease. This is because snoring in children can occur due to many kinds of health issues and restlessness.


But the best part is there is a treatment for each and every issue. So, you should contact a neuropsychiatrist for the treatment of your child. In addition to it, if you live in Bihar or nearby then you can definitely fix some meetings with the best neuropsychiatrist in Bihar. 


Snoring is a sound that occurs due to the vibration of throat tissue when we sleep. A little bit of snoring with very low volume can be neglected. But never neglect the snoring of a child if the sound is loud, harsh, and consistent. This is because snoring is not only about annoyance created by the sleeper but sometimes also a disorder that is caused due to health issues.


What are the causes of snoring in children? 

Snoring happens when air can’t stream openly through the aviation route at the rear of the throat. As an individual breathes in or breathes out, tissue around the aviation route vibrates. Here is a list of 7 health causes that also makes the child snore.

Obesity:  Excess weight is also the potential cause of this disorder. This is also proved that overweight children are mostly prone to sleeping disorder symptoms.

Allergies:  Some children have nasal allergies also called allergic rhinitis. This also contributes to loud snoring and breathing issues.

Asthma: Somehow and sometimes asthma can also be the reason for snoring in children.

Large or swollen tonsils and adenoids: Tonsils and adenoids are situated at the back of the nose and throat. The problem arises when some children’s tissues and muscles of this area are crooked or somehow big. Then the process of relaxing and collapsing of these tissues and muscles of the throat may create noise while the passage of air.


Shorter duration of breastfeeding: A good duration of breastfeeding can reduce the risk of loud and habitual snoring. It is also said that longer breastfeeding can protect the infant from many illnesses and diseases.

Contaminated air:  Contaminated and dirty air can cause many health issues like wheezing, snoring, and breathing problems. This is because contaminated air causes irritation and inflammation in the respiratory canal.


This results in physical issues like asthma lung diseases, heart problems, and breathing problems also.

Congestion:  Snoring can also occur due to chronic nasal congestion. Mainly congestion comes due to colds and allergies. Cold and allergies make the nose blocked congested and stuffy which leads to snoring. Many breathing issues also take place due to nasal congestion.


What can you do? 

First of all, get your child the best snoring treatment. If you live in Bihar or nearby then you can definitely fix some meetings with a neuropsychiatrist for the best snoring treatment in Patna.

Next and the most important thing is your care. Your care can help the treatment to be more successful. There are a few ways in which you can help your child to get a better nap.

  1. Always sleep with your child
  2. Never let your child sleep in a dirty room
  3. Try avoiding milk products and allergy-prone products for some days.
  4. Keep a thick blanket under the half-upper side of the bed to elevate the child’s head.
  5. Never disturb or wake the child in between the sleep time.



Treatment may involve a good examination of the body parts like notes, mouth, throat, and so on. This is because snoring mostly occurs due to blockage or any kind of issue in these body parts only.

Diagnosing will be done by reviewing the symptoms and signs of your child’s boring issue. Apart from it, an X-ray or testing be done to understand the anatomy and problem of the Child’s breathing area.

The treatment given will be based on the type and cause of the problem. All the information such as heart rate, blood oxygen level sleeping time will be taken into account for treatment and medication.


About the Doctor

Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh: Top Psychiatrist in Patna

Our Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh has a good experience in neurology. He has also treated several patients in regard to this issue.

Therefore, if you come across any of the following circumstances, you should immediately seek help for yourself or on behalf of your loved ones, from the finest neuropsychiatrist in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh. You should not be ashamed or afraid to speak up about mental health issues.


Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh is a young and faithful doctor who is currently working as a dynamic psychiatrist at PMCH Hospital, Patna. He pursued his MBBS from a top-ranked, WHO-listed government medical college and post-graduation from Pune. Talking more about his experience, he was a former psychiatrist at AIIMS Patna.

Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh helps determine the best possible treatment for his clients based on a comprehensive psychiatric assessment. The PMCH Psychiatry Department is gifted with its presence. He is blessed in recognizing the side effects of both mind and body and treating psychological instability with rigor. He has over 10 years of experience in the world of medicine.

Educational Qualifications of Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh – Psychiatrist Patna

MBBS from BP Koirala Institute of  Health Science

MD in Psychiatry from DY Patil College



  1. How do I stop my child from snoring?

-> Make your child sleep facing one side of the bed. This will make the air pass more gently throughout the throat. Also, avoid allergic food items. Milk products or any kind of medication also cause allergies in children and make them snore loudly.


  1. Does snoring mean heart disease?

Snoring is basically related to sleep apnea disease. Sleep apnea is also somehow connected to high blood pressure and heart disease.

But the main part is that not everyone snores due to sleep apnea issues. The cost of snoring may vary from one child to another. Some children also snore due to their uneven mouth anatomy. Whereas some child also snores due to cold cough and nasal congestion problem.

Therefore do not always connects snoring with heart disease. First, fix meet with a neurologist who can suggest good treatment and medication. In addition to it if you live in Bihar or nearby, then you can meet the best neuropsychiatrist in Bihar for the best successful treatment.


  1. What are the warning signs of sleep apnea?

Some of the warning signs of sleep apnea include excessive sleeping in the daytime with loud snoring. In addition to it, sore throat with headache and feeling sleepy all day can also be warning signs of sleep apnea.

Therefore, get your child the best snoring treatment. If you live in Bihar or nearby, then you can definitely fix some meetings with a neuropsychiatrist for the best snoring treatment in Patna.


  1. Is sleep apnea always curable?

There was no total cure for this type of disease but lifestyle changes and treatment can help you to get enough sleep and reduce the intensity of this issue.

  1. Does snoring mean asthma?

snoring does not mean asthma, but asthma can contribute to snoring. Therefore, if you live in Bihar or nearby, then you can meet the best neuropsychiatrist in Bihar for the best successful treatment.


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