How Does Testosterone Effects on Sex Drive – Find The Link

Testosterone Effects on Sex Drive

How Does Testosterone Effects on Sex Drive – Find The Link

If you want to learn some amazing tips and secrets on how to boost your performance during sexual activities then you are on the right site.

Testosterone is known to be a driving force to enhance the performance of men during sexual intercourse.

Well, testosterone and sex drive go hand in hand. Having low testosterone can reduce your performance and hamper your satisfaction level during sex.

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According to research, Testosterone Effects on Sex Drive when reaches above or below the normal testosterone levels then it can affect your sex drive.

Now let us move back to our question: does testosterone affect how long you last?

Then the answer is yes. High testosterone levels can cause premature ejaculation whereas low levels of testosterone are related to sexual dysfunction.

Hence, it leads to both slowing down ejaculation and less volume of ejaculation. Hence, we see a strong correlation between sex and testosterone but it does not work the way we think.

Let us now understand the Testosterone Effects on Sex Drive in a man’s body.

Role of Testosterone in Men’s Body

Testosterone plays the following role in a men’s body:

(a)   Production of sperm

(b)   Libido

(c)   Development of facial and body hair

(d)   Erectile function

(e)   Bone density and muscle mass

(f)   Red blood cell production

(g)   Mood changes

Does Testosterone Effects on Sex Drive In Women?

Women who feel that their sex drive is low may at times feel that a quick remedy or treatment can fix things.

Testosterone therapy and other additional supplements are the most widely used products in this regard. Low testosterone products are known to increase the sex drive among women. Some examples are pills, injections, supplements, etc.

One of the widely used supplements is dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) which is known to increase energy, lift mood and sexual desires.

Adverse side effects of testosterone therapy in women:

(a)   Voice deepening

(b)   Expansion of clitoris

(c)   Unnecessary body hair

(d)   Growing acne

(e)   Abnormal fetus growth during pregnancy

Let us now read some of the amazing benefits that increasing testosterone level gives

Benefits of Increasing Testosterone Levels

(a)   Strong heart: A heart that is healthy and strong enough easily pumps blood to the rest of the body which provides enough oxygen to the muscles and other organs of the body. Testosterone assists the production of red blood cells via the bone marrow.

According to a study, men who have gone through testosterone therapy have witnessed only sudden improvements in their heart disease. Some men said that their ability to walk increased by 33%.

(b)  Testosterone and size: Now many of us might have this question of whether testosterone increases size.  Well, the answer is no.

This is because once your penis stops growing any change in testosterone level will not change its size. But healthy production of testosterone and sperm can take place within a broad span of testicular volume.

According to some studies, larger testicles are related to higher testosterone levels among some mammals. On the other hand, smaller testicular volume is linked with less sperm production.

(c)   Strong bones: The role of testosterone is very pivotal in maintaining bone density. With the growing age bone density and testosterone level drops.

Hence, the risk of bone-related disease increases. Strong bones help to support the muscles and organs which in turn helps to maintain the posture of the body.

As per a study, bone density rises with testosterone treatment as long as the dose is high.

(d)  Better memory and skills: Research has highlighted that men whose total testosterone level is high have a lesser chance of Alzheimer’s disease.

Also, a strong connection lies between testosterone and memory and processing. Those who have undergone treatment of testosterone at the age of 34-70 years have performed better in memory efficiency.

(e)   Finer libido: It is a well-known fact that testosterone levels increase sexual desire. Men who have higher testosterone levels have better sexual experiences.

Aged men need more testosterone for libido. Research has proved that testosterone therapy can benefit sexual health and performance.

(f)    Better Mood: There is a direct relationship between testosterone levels and quality of life. Depression, tiredness, and bad mood are symptoms of low testosterone levels.

Though some research has shown that this may be only true for men with hypogonadism. Because men whose testosterone level decreases gradually with age have not shown this kind of symptoms.

The consequences of testosterone replacement therapy on mood can vary from person to person. Men who have hypogonadism have shown an improved mood and state of mind.

Study says that this treatment can be an effective remedy for anti-depression.

Let us now move ahead to discuss some of the testosterone booster side effects

Negative Impacts Of Testosterone Booster

Men generally experience a drop in the level of testosterone once they cross the age of 30. As the level declines men start experiencing a decrease in sex and energy level.

They also feel their physical strength declining with weight gain and sexual problems. These symptoms hit toward an increase in age.

It is not wise to expect a man in his 50s to perform the same level of sex drive that he used to do in his 20s.

Taking testosterone boosters can change the natural hormonal production of men when they are in their reproductive years. Some of the negative impacts are:

(a)   Loss of hair or baldness

(b)   Growth of breasts in men

(c)   Acne and pimples

(d)   Enlargement of the prostate

(e)   Testicular atrophy

(f)   Libido loss

(g)   Violent nature or aggressiveness

(h)   Sterility

Now let us read the life-threatening effects of taking a testosterone booster

(a)   Hypertension: It shears the heart and can cause hypertensive heart disease and coronary artery issues.

This can become a reason for a future stroke, peripheral arterial disease, and artery aneurysms. Kidney failure or associated disease is another possible outcome.

(b)  Increase in red blood cell count: Testosterone boosters can make your body produce too many red blood cells.  Hence, the risk of heart disease increases which may become a factor for heart attack or stroke.

(c)   Enlargement of the prostate: Intake of boosters can make the prostate expand making urination a difficult and painful task.

If a patient already has prostate cancer, then the hormone can further increase it. Hence, taking a prostate exam is essential before taking any form of boosters.

(d)  Increase in PSA levels: PSA refers to Prostate Specific Antigen in the blood. The test is used to measure the amount of PSA in blood. It is a detecting tool for prostate cancer.

For a healthy male, the PSA level should not exceed more than 4 nanograms per milliliter of blood. Crossing the level of 4 is not normal and can be a potential sign of prostate cancer.

(e)   Damaged liver: Oral consumption of testosterone products can cause severe liver damage like cancer.

Testosterone therapy is known to improve the sex drive, satisfaction, and pleasure among men. Yet the long-run risks and benefits of testosterone therapy or booster are still under study.

A considerable number of research and experiments are carried out to study both the pros and cons of testosterone levels in men.

Let us now go to the end of our discussion


Any positive or negative effects on your testosterone levels are probably not the result of your sex life in the first place.

It is not possible to evaluate how Testosterone Effects on Sex Drive you would need to have to boost your testosterone levels significantly.

Make an appointment with your doctor if you are experiencing persistently low sex drive or diminished sexual function.

A blood test can be conducted to assess any additional problems that might be causing your symptoms. If you want a Sexologist Doctor in Patna then visit Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh.

If you want to get your treatment with all the love, affection, compassion, and that too at an affordable rate then Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh is the best choice for you as he is known as the best psychiatrist in Patna.

In this condition, a person needs the utmost love, care, and support from the close ones.

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