The Harsh Comorbidity of ADHD and Alcohol          

ADHD and Alcohol

The Harsh Comorbidity of ADHD and Alcohol          

It is commonly found that people who tend to suffer from ADHD are more likely addicted to alcohol.

And, there is no lie that the substantial consumption of alcohol makes the situation of ADHD worse.

The Association Between ADHD and Alcohol?

The relationship between ADHD and alcohol is very dangerous and can lead to more dependency on alcohol.

Moreover, ADHD gets diagnosed easily but sometimes people not getting diagnosed with ADHD also suffer from it.

Hence, that situation leads to more atrocious conditions. However, people with ADHD somehow get more attracted to alcoholism.

Note: ADHD as you know is a hyperactivity mental disorder that gets worse with the addition of alcohol.

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Symptoms of ADD and Alcohol Abuse

The child who carries on the symptoms of ADHD till adulthood seems to be at higher risk of developing an addiction for alcohol.

Furthermore, there are many pieces of evidence that state that there is an increased dependency on alcohol with subject to ADHD.

What is the Reason Behind The Link Of ADHD and Alcohol?

People who tend to have ADHD suffer from behavioral problems that are one of the vital reasons for getting attracted to alcohol abuse.

Giving light to that, it has been found that if a child who is suffering from ADHD has alcoholic parents is more likely to develop the problem of alcohol abuse.

Is Self Medication good for ADHD?

Self-medication undoubtedly means that the person will go for some illegal drugs, caffeine, or alcohol.

But, how effective are they? And do they have a good effect on the mind & body?

First, let’s understand why people with mental or impulsive disorders go for these drugs.

Basically, the intake of substantial drugs increases the level of dopamine which gives delight to the mind.

Hence, for some times people with ADHD after taking drugs feel good & think that the problems got away.

But, the more appealing they find the more they are ruining their lives.

Let’s understand the adverse effect of these drugs in detail….

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Now, moving back to the topic let’s understand the aftereffect of these drugs on ADHD people.


People with ADHD get into alcohol to ease their distress & help them in concentrating on academic & social skills.

But, without realizing that the symptoms may get worse, they keep getting addicted to it compromising their mental & physical wellness.


Some people believe that marijuana can help relieve ADHD symptoms. But the study found little evidence to prove this.

In fact, more and more states legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use can actually worsen your concentration, impulse control, attention, and organization.

Doctors advise against using cannabis to treat symptoms of ADHD, even as a last resort. Avoid cocaine, heroin, and other illegal drugs.


Studies have shown that although caffeine can improve your concentration, it does not work well when taken as an ADHD drug.

Hence, too much caffeine will make your memory worse.

If you are a healthy adult, drinking a few cups of coffee a day may help you refresh yourself.

However, if you drink more or seem unable to reduce it, please consult your doctor. Children and adolescents should avoid caffeine because it can cause poor sleep and affect their growth.

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The Conclusion

Alcohol & drugs can be very dangerous to live if a person gets addicted to them.

Moreover, ADHD and alcohol can make the life of a personal hell.

So, spread the awareness, & help people with ADHD getting treatment for their ADHD & drug abuse.


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