Are OCD And Autism Linked? [OCD And Autism Strategies]

are ocd and autism linked

Are OCD And Autism Linked? [OCD And Autism Strategies]

Does having OCD make me prone to autism? If this question haunts you 24×7, it’s not just your compulsive thought. It’s a genuine thought that arises even in the mind of non-OCD people that are OCD and autism linked. Moreover, if you get such thoughts, then stay calm and go through this blog to seek all your answers.

So, are OCD and autism linked?

Both OCD and autism join hands when it’s about repetitive and compulsive behaviors. However, it is still not concrete if they overlap.

Nevertheless, the symptoms share similarities. Thus, let’s first look at the symptoms to answer are OCD and Autism linked?

OCD And Autism: Symptoms In Common

  • Both OCD and autism are immensely prone to repetitive behavior
  • The both have an innate compulsive  and obsessive behavior
  • Both fall into anxiety traps, agitation and often get physical if someone tries to get in the way of their behavior.

So this was all about the symptoms. Moving further…

Their treatments are like poles apart even though both are brain abnormalities.

For instance, medications for OCD like SSRIs was ineffective in treating patients with autism

Thus, putting all pieces together we can say that OCD and Autism are not linked, despite having a couple of things in common.

Furthermore, to testify to our conclusion, let’s see a more logical explanation below.

Logical Explanation On The Relation Of OCD And Autism

The level of mindful behavior differs both in OCD and autism. To help you understand better about this, let’s see it this way….

A person struggling with autism is involved in repetitive behaviors unconsciously. They have zero ideas of what they’re doing

On the contrary, people with OCD exhibit the same behaviors but are conscious about them too.

Their behavior turns into obsessions that draw curtains on their real thoughts. Thus, disabling them to come out of the delusional loops.

Additionally, they carry these repetitive rituals to overcome their fear, that if left incomplete can lead to something bad.

We now have an answer to the question; are OCD and autism linked. Thus, let’s now discuss some of the effective strategies to cope with OCD and autism.

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OCD And Autism Strategies

Despite having so many similarities between OCD and autism, their treatment varies.

Hence, firstly, let’s deal with effective OCD strategies.

6 Easy To Implement Strategies To Cope With OCD are:

  • Realizing the problem: Understand that those loops are delusional and not taking place in reality.
  • Shift Your Focus: Regaining over thoughts can be tough. It becomes worse in the case of OCD.

Hence, distraction is key here. As soon as you feel you’re falling into that loop trap, change your mind focus.

  • Talk It Out: Break the isolation bars by talking to a friend who has positive perspectives and doesn’t ruminate with you.
  • Creative Visualization: Fool your brain, if OCD fools you! Replace your negative ruminating with positive ones.
  • Know what triggers you: Noting certain things like, time or location, when you ruminate can help you decipher what actually stimulates the whole loop.
  • Revise Your Lifestyle: You can do this with simple 2 steps. Firstly, set realistic goals, and secondly, get the support from your loved ones.

Secondly, effective autism strategies

6 Easy To Implement Strategies To Cope With Autism are:

  • Do things chronologically: Let your child know what comes next. As a result, it will help them understand the concept of time and numbers.
  • Set expectations and Follow a schedule: Not setting expectation bars may result in making your child more prone to anxiety or challenging severe behavior.
  • Reward your child: This will create a positive-happy mood for your child and they will feel more motivated and spurred to show praisable behaviors.
  • Serve them with choices: This can make them happier and reduce the chances of anxiety attacks.
  • Transitional object:  Allow your child to bring an object from the last fun activity to another. Carrying objects make your child comfortable in the new milieu.
  • Distract or Redirect: Don’t say no, rather distract them or make the incident turn positive.

We know about OCD and autism strategies. Moreover, we got familiar with the question; are OCD and autism linked.

So, moving forward, let’s discuss; is OCD on the autism spectrum?

Is OCD On The Autism Spectrum?

Before understanding; is OCD on the autism spectrum, let’s first know what is autism spectrum.

Autism with spectrum means a situation in which people show only a few symptoms, unlike others. In other words, it means entering into the initial stage of autism.

Now you might say that the symptoms of both the disorders involve ‘obsessive behaviour’, thereby making them similar.

However, the answer is ‘No’. OCD is not on the autism spectrum though they appear identical.

Both OCD and autism are two completely different distressing conditions that need different treatment.

So, despite sharing so many symptoms in common, the conclusion is, they are not synonyms of the same disorder.

We now have a clearer idea of; are OCD and autism linked. Thus, moving forward, let’s look at the autism obsession list, which a patient inculcates to.

Autism Obsession List

Below-enlisted is some of the common autism obsessions symptoms.

  • Emotional Sensitivity
  • Fixation on Particular Subjects or Ideas
  • Linguistic Oddities
  • Social Difficulties
  • Hard time in decoding Physical Sensations
  • Devotion to Routines
  • Repetitive or Restrictive Habits
  • Doesn’t like Change
  • Self-Focus
  • Unusual Movement Patterns

Now that we know about what an autism obsession with a person looks like, let’s talk about the best doctor who can treat the same.

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The Conclusion

Putting all the pieces together, we walked you through all know-hows of the question; are OCD and autism linked.

Further, we dealt with different strategies to cope with them individually. Moreover, we recommended the best psychiatrist in Patna, for treating pure OCD and autism.

Thus, whether or not OCD is linked with autism can take a back seat when you wanna undergo an effective treatment for either of them.


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