Can Anxiety Disorder Cause Physical Symptoms? Know With Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh

Can Anxiety Disorder Cause Physical Symptoms

Can Anxiety Disorder Cause Physical Symptoms? Know With Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh

People suffering from anxiety, always have this question in their mind can anxiety disorder cause physical symptoms?

So, if you are worried about the relation between your anxiety and physical symptoms, then you have landed on the right page dear!

Moreover, here in this blog, we’re going to discuss chronic anxiety symptoms, physical symptoms of anxiety and depression¸ & what the consequences of physical symptoms of anxiety are.

Furthermore, you should first know that anxiety disorder is a feeling of fear that may get with you very frequently.

You’ll stop enjoying things due to the disorder and will feel anxious over little things.

However, there are various types of anxiety disorders like panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, separation disorder, and many more.

Note: If you are suffering from any type of disorder like fear of losing someone or, maybe having panic attacks, then you should talk to a psychiatrist.

Moreover, if you are from Patna, Bihar, then do consult Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh who provides the best anxiety treatment in Patna.

Can Anxiety Disorder Cause Physical Symptoms

Yes, anxiety can definitely cause physical symptoms, it’s also true some patients feel anxiety physical symptoms all the time.

Moreover, let us explain how the physical symptoms get associated.

So, when you get anxiety attacks, your hands may start shivering, or you start sweating.

Likewise, people experience anxiety on every occasion and it can turn into a serious life disorder, if not treated on time.

Can You Have Physical Anxiety Symptoms Without Feeling Anxious?

People who suffer from anxiety attacks may get prone to some limited symptoms attacks.

Moreover, during these attacks, you might not feel anxious but can experience some physical symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, sweating, and some other physical symptoms.

However, these symptoms may occur when you are not suffering from anxiety.

Moving on, along with anxiety, people also suffer from depression that can also lead to some severe physical symptoms.

Now, let’s get ahead, and understand the physical symptoms of depression & anxiety.

Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety And Depression

Can anxiety disorder cause physical symptoms? Anxiety & depression can have physical symptoms that may affect your daily life and health.

Moreover, many people are not even aware of these situations like there can be some serious health issue through depression.

It’s very important to understand that mental health can really lead you to some serious health disasters.

Have a look at some dreadful symptoms.

Physical Symptoms of Depression

  • Low energy
  • Headache
  • Pain in chest
  • Dizziness
  • Problem in sleeping
  • Weakness


Chronic Anxiety Symptoms

  • Pain in stomach
  • Queasiness
  • Insomnia
  • Body shaking
  • Pain & ache
  • Sweating
  • Shortness of breath

So, these were the chronic symptoms of anxiety and depression, however, if you are from North Bihar and your loved one is suffering from these symptoms, then must take them to Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh who is the finest neuropsychiatrist in Patna, Bihar.

Can Anxiety Cause Nerve Pain

Studies and research have found that high anxiety can lead to nerve firing.

Moreover, nerve pain can be devastating and life-changing limiting your activities and health.

Symptoms of Nerve Pain Due to Anxiety

The symptoms can vary from person to person; moreover, sometimes you will feel no pain at all and other times a lot of pain.

Damage to the Nerve Causes Pain that Results in:

  • Numbness
  • Pricking
  • Burning
  • Tingling
  • Discomfort while moving

How to Stop Physical Anxiety Symptoms

If you want to treat your physical symptoms, then first you must need to know what symptoms you are actually suffering from.

Moreover, therapy and medications are two common treatments for the symptoms.

But, you can also take your own actions to burst the anxiety symptoms.

Self Care Treatment for Anxiety

  • Do exercise daily to be physically active
  • Avoid drugs & nicotine
  • Try to do some relaxation techniques like deep breathing, yoga, etc.
  • Try to get an ample amount of sleep to reduce the level of anxiety.
  • Say no to alcohol & caffeine.

Moreover, if none of these techniques work then you can also ask for help from your loved ones.

Nonetheless, if you don’t want to share these things with your family, then try going for a good psychiatrist in your area.

Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh – The Best Psychiatrist for Anxiety

If you are from Patna and suffering from anxiety, then you can opt for Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh who will surely furnish you with the best anxiety disorder treatment in Patna.

Moreover, he is a brilliant psychiatrist having more than 10 years of experience in this field.

On top of that, he has completed his MBBS from WHO listed college and PG from Dehradun.

With persistent efforts, he is expanding his knowledge about mental health and trying to give the best possible treatments.

Currently, he is working as a psychiatrist in PMCH, Patna & also running his own organization Pratap’s Neuro & Child Psychiatry Center.

Wrapping Up

Having anxiety is common, but having it more often and relentlessly is very dangerous.

Sometimes, you are not even sure whether you are suffering from anxiety or not.

But, treatments for these disorders are very necessary otherwise it’s going to be life-threatening for you.

Now, we wrap up our blog “can anxiety disorder cause physical symptoms”.

If you have any further queries, tell us in the comment section below.

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