OCD Illness: Genetic issue or not Genetic? Find Out Here….

can ocd be genetic

OCD Illness: Genetic issue or not Genetic? Find Out Here….

Looking for answers to questions: Can OCD Be Genetic? Can OCD be Cured? Is OCD A Genetic Mutation?? Well, then going through this blog is going to be the best idea for you…!! Here all such questions have been answered in detailed manner…!!

There are many mental illness disorders which you can face but, whether they are genetically inherited or not is still debatable. However, you might the one who must be facing with one of those mental illnesses but was unable to identify the source of the same.

Therefore, this blog concerns for you!! It describes about OCD, one of the mental illnesses that cause undesirable contemplation or sensations or the inclination to accomplish something again and again (impulses). A few groups can have the two, obsessions and compulsion.

Nevertheless, above everything, I know, your main concerns will be about can OCD be genetic? So, if you want to get your answer, let’s keep reading the rest for an informative session on the same.

Causes of OCD

There might be several reasons of changes in the body due to which a person might come across the problems of OCD. To name some of these causes under categories are-

  • Biologically- OCD might be an aftereffect of changes in your body’s own common changes or mind functioning.
  • Genetically- OCD may have a hereditary part, however explicit qualities present in you can’t seem to be distinguished.
  • Surroundings- Obsessive behaviors and compulsive fear can be gained from observing relatives or family members.

Other than these debatable causes, there might be certain other fields that you should consider looking. these are-

  • Family historical background, where any of the family members of yours have faced the same thing and it is passed on to you.
  • Stressful events in day to day life activities
  • Other mental illness like depression, anxiety attacks, etc.

With this lets look into our next topic of discussion i.e. can OCD be genetic?

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Is OCD Genetic or Acquired?

You must have lots of questions like ‘can OCD be genetic’ or is OCD a genetic mutation’ after knowing that genetic factors can also lead to OCD.

To brief out, yes OCD can be causes partially due to some genetic conditions. Genetically means it can be transfer of certain genes related to OCD from the side of the family who has a history.

Are There Types of OCD?

Officially there is no classification of OCD… Nonetheless, according to researchers… people experience OCD symptoms in four major categories…

  • Cleaning & Contamination
  • Symmetry & Ordering
  • Harmful, forbidden or taboo thoughts & impulses
  • Hoarding, when their is requirement to collect or keep certain items associates with obsessions or compulsions.

Symptoms Of OCD

OCD is not about negative thinking or ideas. It is about an obsessive action or compulsive behavior. OCD obsessions are repetitive, industrious and undesirable thoughts, desires or pictures that are meddlesome and cause misery or uneasiness. You may attempt to disregard them or dispose of them by playing out a habitual conduct or custom.

Notwithstanding, captivating in the impulses brings no joy and may offer just a brief alleviation from uneasiness.

Examples of Obsessive actions include fear of contamination, unwanted horrific thoughts, and unwanted aggression.

Examples of Compulsive actions include counting, washing yourself regularly, orderliness, etc.

Therefore, if you are the one who is confused about your symptoms or have doubts like ‘can OCD be genetic’, then you should visit a good specialist. One such excellent recommendation is Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh, a trustable neuropsychiatrist in Patna.

Does OCD Run in Families?

As OCD is a genetic disorder, definitely OCD can run in families through ancestors and then to your parents. This may have passed on to you through either of your parent’s side.

However, there are researchers still analyzing on the subject. These researchers do have evidences of family background as one of the many causes for OCD in different people.

However, for more details on the matter, one should definitely visit a Neuropsychiatrist for a good understanding on OCD problems and treatments. You can refer and visit Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh, a trusted and renowned neurologist in the city of Patna, Bihar.

Can OCD be Cured?

Similarly as with all types of psychological sickness, there is no realized OCD fix. While medicine can decrease or even wipe out the manifestations of OCD on the off chance that you quit taking the medication, all things considered, your symptoms will return and worsen.

However, one can also opt for certain treatments under consultation of good neuropsychiatrist like Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh. Before any treatments, a good OCD genetic testing should be taken for taking proper treatment steps.

Some of these treatments include the following-

  • Some home remedies might work just fine like keeping good and positive attitude around the house
  • You can also for medicinal remedies of certain prescribed antidepressants
  • Opting for physical therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) along with medications

Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh: Gem of a Neuropsychiatric Specialist

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However, are you still having doubts on can OCD be genetic? Then just give a visit to Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh, best psychiatrist in Patna.


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