Can OCD Make You Paranoid? Know the Facts Here!

can OCD make you paranoid

Can OCD Make You Paranoid? Know the Facts Here!

OCD escorts to repetitive thoughts and behaviors on the other hand Paranoia are a negative feeling about everyone in some way, and hence the concrete issue comes here can OCD make you paranoid?

Although to find the answers, we need to understand both the disorders individually.

OCD is a disorder resulting in excessive thoughts and obsession that leads to repetitive behaviors or compulsions.

Moreover, people don’t take this disorder seriously but it may be crippling and get along with a person till life.

Paranoia is basically a feeling of being threatened by others, moreover, people with Paranoia don’t want to believe what others say.

Furthermore, they made up their mind about the person that they are lying to, hiding something suspicious even when there is no proof.

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Can OCD Make You Paranoid?

OCD is a fear of doubts, where a person doubts own brain like whether if they have checked something or not or didn’t clean something properly.

Moreover, excessive thoughts and compulsions lead to pure OCD paranoia like a person will think if I do this thing someone in my family may get hurt, even if it’s illogical to think so.

Although, if you come across feeling you are suffering from the Combordity of both the disorders then, always consult your Psychiatrist before taking OCD paranoia medication.

OCD and Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that leads to delusions and hallucinations.

Moreover, both the disorders are alike in some ways observing Obsessive-Compulsive symptoms.

Hence, people are also seen with Schizophrenia and OCD Comorbidity prevailing the symptoms of both the disorders.

Moreover, there is a higher chance of patients with Schizophrenia have an obsession, and that sometimes also leads to a link to schizophrenia and obsession with a person.

Moreover, it’s hard to overcome these mental disorders and the only person who can help you in this situation is a Psychitrist.

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Now, you know very well, can OCD make you paranoid or not?  Hence, let’s get to the other parts.

Paranoia and Anxiety 

People with anxiety are always worried; hence they can also feel Paranoid that something bad is going to happen to them.

Despite this, they aren’t sure unlike people with Paranoia whether the bad thing will happen or not.

Also, anxiety can take control over a person if not treated early.

OCD Fear of Psychosis

In many instances, OCD patients are aware of the fact that their thinking is illogical or irrational but can’t help it.

Moreover, they also want to get rid of doing things repetitively but get back to the same situation.

So why they do these things even if they don’t want to?

The clear answer is they do the same thing again and again just to be safe and to feel relaxed because they aren’t able to trust their mind.

And, these repetitive behaviors may lead to a psychotic condition where patient doubts themselves.

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Summing Up

Here we wrap up our blog can OCD make you paranoid?

Hope to find this blog instructive, nonetheless, if any issues still persisting notify us in the comment section below.

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