Penile Length Ensures Healthy Sex – Explore the Facts

Does Penile Length Ensures Healthy Sex

Penile Length Ensures Healthy Sex – Explore the Facts

Sex has always been a vital activity in a human’s life considering the pleasure one experiences through sexual intimacy. Does Penile Length Ensures Healthy Sex?

So, when one is talking about sex, satisfactory pleasure takes the front seat. That leads to questions like, does a man’s penile length affect sexual pleasure?

Is penis size important for women’s pleasure? The answers to these questions can be better given by a sexologist in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh. 


What is the Perfect Size of a Man? 

Talking about penis length, it is important for women. Some women and even men perceive that an increased penis size matters for sexual satisfaction and physical appeal.

That brings us to the next question, what is the perfect size for a woman? Or Does Penile Length Ensures Healthy Sex?

The answer to that can be the perfect size is the one where a female orgasms to her satisfaction. Penis size is not as important for reaching a sexual orgasm. 

Female orgasms have always been tricky to mankind.

There are two types of orgasm according to the stimulus. A clitoral stimulation is the one where repetitively stimulating a clitoris leads to a female achieving an orgasm.

Another type is defined as vaginal stimulation. In this one, a penis penetrates a vagina causing sexual pleasure for the woman and man both simultaneously.

When the penis is adequate in size, it more often means it will go deeper leading to cervical stimulation and getting much more sexual pleasure for the woman. 

You can also read about connection with Penile Length and Testosterone Hormone.

However, a woman orgasming has too many factors associated with it. Being said that, it’s important to make sure the woman’s mind and body are in sync.

Because for a woman to reach an orgasm she shouldn’t be stressed about anything else. When a woman is comfortable and mentally stimulated for the sexual intimacy, the length and girth of the penis doesn’t matter. 

Some men might think that their normal flaccid penis is small in size due to the societal expectations. They might be shy or ashamed to go to the public restrooms or swim in their jocks because of their fear of getting judged. 

Sexual pleasure for women is based on factors like foreplay and how turned on they are. Along with that, length of intercourse plays as much importance in sexual pleasure.

A lot of women don’t experience orgasm vaginally. The one’s who do actually prefer the girth of the penis more than the size. Every woman has a different orgasm story. So Does Penile Length Ensures Healthy Sex?

Some women who reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation don’t care for the penis size or girth.

And, more than the penile length the relationship between a man and woman is of importance because that determines how the woman feels about a man and it compeltely reflects when they get sexually intimate. 

Women focus more on intellect, personality and a sense of humor in their man. They don’t care for the penis size when they are looking for factors in a potential match.

The penis size is a concept invented by insecure men who overthink way too much about their penises.

Rather than that, focusing on the relationship and respecting and caring for their partner would result in a better satisfactory sex and relationship. 

Studies have shown, only a small percentage of men are below the normal size of penis. Men don’t have to worry about their sizes necause a lot of women are not really concerned about it. 

After all of these discussions, some ask does size matter for pregnancy? Or Does Penile Length Ensures Healthy Sex?

Honestly, the answee is no. Until and unless, one has an underlying medical condition relation to low sperm count or genetically reduced testicle size, the sperms are unaffected.

Even a smaller than average penis size doesn’t cause a problem in conceiving a child. Because, no matter the size a pregnancy results when the sperm penetrates the cervix into the uterus.

If the sperm count is reduced due to any reason or any harmful habits, the chances of getting pregnant remain normal. 

Having said that, humans are the only beings with huge penis compared to their primate ancestors. 


How to Increase Girth Size Permanently?

There are some options available for increasing the girth size. For example, 

  • Penis pump causes vacuum around the penis. After the penis has been pumped in, the negative pressure builds up and causes the tissues to swell up more than the natural size. This process helps increase the girth. The pump should be used very carefully as it can lead to permanent damage to the nerves. 
  • To increase penile size, various strategies can be applied. One can perform particular kegel exercises that involves stretching and exercising influencing tissue growth. It increases size by contracting and releasing floor muscles expanding the outer covering of penis. 
  • Jelquing is a kind of technique invloving applying pressure and pulling the penis to increase the penile girth. 
  • Stretching and massaging makes the blood flow better andthat helps improve the girth size. 
  • Some herbal supplements such as gynexin have shown effects in increasing the penile girth size. 
  • Clamping is a method that involves clamping the penis by using a soft tissue clamp at the base for 15 minutes to trap the blood flow. But, makes sure not to clamp too hard as it can lead to cessation of blood flow and grave side effects.
  • There are some kind of foods that increase the girth size. Like avocados have high levels of vitamin E that produces hormones required for healthy erections. 
  • Dark chocolate has been known to increase sexual desire and increase blood flow to the penis. Watermelons, have citrulline, an amino acid aids in relaxing the blood vessels and leads to harder and larger erections. 
  • The most common factor affecting the girth size can be how one is living their life. Modifying one’s lifestyle, reducing stress levels and eating healthy can immediately boost one’s general health eventually positively affecting the penile size. 

Stretching exercises and taking certain supplements can all in all affect the girth size and can be the real way to increase your size.

The right kind of exercise, and medications can increase the sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Although, adopting any of the artificial method such as pumping or clamping, one should be very careful of not letting it reach to the level one gets side effects.

Cessation of blood flow for a long time can lead to serious consequences. As the main principle of some methods is that, you should be very careful about your health and penile tissue. 

For how long can the penis grow? 

Scientifically, the age limit for penile growth when tbe penis reaches an adequate and normal male sexual organ size is puberty.

During puberty, the release of sex hormones is on peak. This is the phase when a male reaches the limits of his sexual ability. Penile growth begins when a child turns 10.

Between the age of 10 and 14, the child will start developing sexual characteristics.

During this time, the growth hormone and sexual hormone is released that influences these sexual characteristics. It is when the tanner stage starts developing. 

The penile growth stops when one reaches adulthood. That is between 16-21 years, the penis stops growing. In terms of size, penis grows in length and width.

The penile size grows and then stops. With a gradual increase in penis, the testicle size also increases and pubic hair starts growing. Once the penis reaches the standard size, it initiates an erection in response to sexual stimuli. 

The size or growth of the penis doesn’t depend on early or late development but it depends on the amount of hormones that are released. 



In conclusion, there are varied ways for penile growth.

As mentioned above, you can apply any of the methods to get satisfied results. Although, before practically applying the theories, you should see a Sexologist Doctor near me, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh.

He’s one of the well-known doctor if you’re suffering from the above mentioned conditions. They can guide you on the right direction to apply which therapy. 

As, the saying goes size doesn’t matter. Even if it does, there’s nothing in this world that is impossible to achieve. 

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