Resolve Your Panic Disorders with an Expertise Treatment by Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh

How Panic Disorder Affects Your Life

Resolve Your Panic Disorders with an Expertise Treatment by Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh

The blog is dedicated to answering question: ‘How Panic Disorder Affects Your Life’? So, go through it to get answer to this question and other ones related to panic disorder…

Panic disorder happens when you experience repeating unforeseen fits of anxiety. DSM-5 characterizes panic disorders as unexpected flood of extreme dread or uneasiness that top in practically no time. Individuals with the issue live in dread of having the fit of anxiety.

But, the real question is, how panlic disorder affects your life? Therefore, this particular blog provides you with a detailed analysis on how panic disorder affects your life and how it can be treated.

What is Panic Disorder?

To brief out on panic disorder dsm-5 made analysis and reported that 1 out of 75 people suffers from panic disorder. It is a sudden and intense fear that triggers extreme actual responses when there is no genuine threat or evident reason. Despite the fact that panic disorders themselves are not hazardous, they can be startling and essentially influence your personal satisfaction.

However, dread and nervousness can be ordinary responses to explicit circumstances and distressing occasions. Likewise, there are several points out reasons which can lead to psychological causes of panic disorder.

However, if someone is in rush and stays in the city of Patna, then you can directly click this panic disorder treatment in Patna. This will help you to get in touch with the best kind of neuropsychiatrist in the city i.e. Dr, Vivek Pratap Singh.

Panic Attack vs. Anxiety Attack

The terms panic attacks and anxiety attacks are utilized conversely, however, they are not the equivalent. Key attributes recognize from the other, however they share a few side effects for all intents and purpose.

To have distinguished about panic attacks vs. anxiety attacks, panic attacks are by and large more extraordinary than anxiety attacks. They likewise please out of nowhere, while anxiety attacks are frequently connected with a trigger.

Moreover, panic and anxiety attacks have comparative indications, causes and danger factors. Nonetheless, panic attacks will in general be more exceptional and are frequently joined by more extreme actual manifestations.

How Panic Disorder Affects your Life: Panic Disorder Causes

Side effects of panic disorder frequently starts to show up in adolescents and youthful grown-ups younger than 25. Fits of anxiety produce extreme dread that starts abruptly, frequently with no notice. The experience is diverse for everybody, and side effects regularly shift.

Some of the symptoms one can experience are- weakness, chest pain, trembling, dizziness, sweating, feeling of extreme terror, rapid breathing, numbness in limbs or feet, pounding heart, etc.

Nevertheless, anything cannot be caused suddenly. There is also some or the other reason, from the past or the present which has caused this to happen. Therefore, if you want to know the reason behind your question about ‘how panic disorder affects your life’, let’s move into some of the panic disorder causes.

General Causes of Panic Disorder

  • Age between 18-30 years is the peak timing for occurrence of Panic disorder
  • Women tend to have risk of panic disorder more than men

Psychological Causes of Panic Disorder

  • Genetics or a family history, i.e. biologically reasons can be the one of the main and common cause. You may have some close relative, from either of your parent’s side who may have faced the same situation.
  • Some life changing or traumatic situation may have affected the changes to causes panic disorder like divorce, break up, victim of sexual abuse, etc.

Panic Disorder Treatment in Patna

  • Enrollment to psychotherapy like CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Exposure Therapy and PEPP (Panic-Focused Psychodynamic Psychotherapy)
  • Panic disorder medication like antidepressant/serotonin reuptake inhibitors (Paxil, Celexa) and anti-anxiety drugs (Benzodiazepines)
  • Coping with the change is lifestyle habits like prioritize sleep, god and healthy diet, practice relaxation through meditation or workout session, keeping and maintaining a journal, etc.

However, other than this panic disorder treatment, one can also refer to get help from a good neuropsychiatrist in Patna who can proceed with counseling. One such excellent recommendation is Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh. His experience and knowledge in the field of neurology has made him the most renowned psychiatrist in the city of Patna.

Prognosis of Panic Disorder

To look for an outlook/ prognosis of panic disorder, one can follow-up some precautions or habits that can stop triggers of anxiety. Some of these steps are-

  • Cut back of caffeine and replacing it with some herbal supplements
  • regular exercise like yoga
  • Stop over thinking and procrastination of situations
  • eating and maintaining a healthy diet

Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh: Specialist for Panic Disorders in Patna

Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh accompanies an encounter of 11 years in field of medication alongside experience of 4 years in the field of Neuro and Child psychiatry He is a youthful and dynamic Neuro and Child therapist cum Daycare Deaddict specialist (without admission to recovery) working at Patna.

He contemplated his MBBS from highest level government clinical school and finished his postgraduate MD in psychiatry from highest level college at Pune. The doctor did Diploma in Neurology from Birmingham, UK in 2019 and further did Diploma in local area emotional wellness from Cip, Ranchi.

He is master in the field of neuropsychiatry and an additional mastery in field of youngster and juvenile psychiatry and is an achievement for childcare deaddiction in Bihar.

He worked in past at AIIMS and from that point he is at present SR at PMCH, Patna.

Therefore, if you are willing to know on how panic disorder affects your life, do give a visit to Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh, best specialist Panic disorder Treatment in Patna.


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