Panic Disorder Treatment [How to Stop a Panic Attack in Public]

Panic Disorder Treatment in Patna

Panic Disorder Treatment [How to Stop a Panic Attack in Public]

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Panic Disorder is actually a condition in which person suffers from episodes or series of intense fear or anxiety, which occur suddenly (often without warning).

This basically meant… experiencing recurring unexpected panic attacks.

Many people consider terms Panic Attacks and Panic Disorders the same… Nonetheless, that’s not true…

Panic Attack is something which we stated earlier… Sudden episode of intense fear.. triggering various physical reactions, when in actual there is no danger or apparent cause.

These panic attacks comes and goes away on their own.

As per stats,

People encounter these panic attacks once or twice in their lifetime… Moreover, they go on their own, upon the ending the stressful situations. Nonetheless, if one encounters these attacks recurrently… and do spend long time in constant fear of another attack… then this condition is called panic disorder.

Now though these panic attacks are not life-threatening… but can be frightening.

About these attacks, it would absolutely not be wrong to say that… they do effect the quality of life. Nonetheless, there is no need to worry… as the treatment is possible to these panic attacks and panic disorders.

Panic Disorder Symptoms

Symptoms of Panic Disorder appears in teens and young adults under the age of 25.

If one do encounter four or more panic attacks… or do live in fear of having another panic  attack after encountering one… he/she might be having panic disorder.

Symptoms Associated with Panic Disorder Include:

  • Racing heartbeat or palpitations
  • Choking feeling
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sweating or chills
  • Nausea
  • Lightheadness
  • Numbness or tingling in hands or feet
  • Fear of dying
  • Shaking or trembling
  • Changes in mental state… feeling of derealization or depersonalization

These panic attack symptoms are not proportionate to the danger level existing in the environment. This is mainly because these attacks can’t be predicted and can significantly affect the body’s functioning.

What Does Panic Attack Feels Like?

Panic attacks feels like:

  • The world is falling apart… Everything happening is apocalyptic
  • Panic attack often comes with crying. Moreover, with crying comes sobbing and with this unstoppable sobbing comes paralysis. Throat gets clogged up. Breathing problem happens.
  • Suffocation happen when sleeping.

Panic Disorder Causes

Till yet psychological causes of panic disorder are not clear. However, certain factors are there which according to experts can contribute to panic attack or disorder…

Such factors are:

  • Major stress
  • Genetics
  • Temperament that is more sensitive to stress & prone to negative emotions
  • Certain changes in the way parts of brain function.

Panic attacks usually emerges suddenly and without warning at first… Nonetheless, overtime… they get triggered via certain situations.

Panic Disorder Risk Factors

As mentioned earlier, symptoms of panic disorder usually starts in the late teens or early adulthood and do affect more women than men.

Factors that might increase the risk of developing panic attacks or panic disorder include:

  • Family history of panic attacks or panic disorder
  • Major changes in life… like divorce or the addition of a baby
  • Any traumatic event… like sexual assault or a serious accident
  • Smoking or excessive caffeine intake
  • History of sexual abuse

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How is Panic Disorder Diagnosed?

If one is experiencing symptoms of a panic attack… its become important for him/her to seek emergency medical care.

Usually, people experiencing a panic attack for the first time believe that they are having a heart attack. Nonetheless, that’s not true.

At the emergency department, several tests are carried out, to check if his/her symptoms are caused due to heart attack. Blood test may be done to figure out other conditions which causes similar symptoms… or an electrocardiogram (ECG) can be carried out to check heart function. Moreover, in case when emergency is found, the person is referred back to the primary care provider.

Now the primary care provider may perform a mental health examination… In this, the patient may be asked about his/her symptoms.

Further, all other medical disorders are carried out before primary care provider makes diagnosis of panic disorder.

How to Stop Panic Attacks Forever? 

Panic Disorder can be stopped forever via proper treatment.

Now there are two ways to carry panic disorder treatment… Counselling & Medication.

Various types of counselling have been proven highly effective in treating panic attacks and panic disorder. One can ask his/her doctor about the distinct kinds of counselling available.

Often it has been noticed that counselling alone doesn’t work as fast as medicine… However it can still be very effective.

One can rely on these counselling for panic attack treatment without medication.

However, combination of both counselling and medicine is highly effective for the treatment of panic attacks and panic disorder.

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So, this was answer to question…Panic Attack What to Do.

Fast Acting Medication For Panic Attacks

As per experts,

Antidepressants are highly effective in treating and preventing anxiety and panic attacks. Usually they completely stop the attacks. One don’t has to be depressed for them to help.

Moreover, side effects of these antidepressants are very mild.

These pills don’t make one lose control or change his/her respective personality. And one can use it as long as required.

Besides from these antidepressants, anti-anxiety medicines are also highly beneficial for panic disorder treatment. As the name implies, these medicines provide relief from anxiety and fear.

Nonetheless, these medications should be used only for a short period of time (say few weeks to a few months)… unless the consumer can’t function without them.

So, it is advised not to to stop intake of these medicines all of a sudden.

They should be slowly tapered off over various weeks, under the doctor’s supervision.

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OK… so this was all about Panic Attacks, Panic Disorders and its treatment.

Now, we have noticed people sort of confused between Panic Attack & Anxiety Attack.

Many times both these appear similar, nonetheless, that’s not completely true…!!

So, here’s for you…

Panic Attack vs Anxiety Attack

As mentioned above, majority of the people consider Panic Attacks and Anxiety Attacks similar… However, that’s not true…!!

Though they might look similar but actually are different from each other.

Panic attacks emerges suddenly and do involve intense and often overwhelming fear. These attacks are accompanied by frightening physical symptoms, like shortness of breath, racing heartbeat, or nausea.

Nonetheless, anxiety attacks are not like this…

Anxiety is basically a feature of a number of common psychiatric disorders.

Anxiety symptoms include: distress, worry and fear. It usually associates with the anticipation of a stressful situation, event or experience. It might emerge gradually.

One more query asked by people a lot is How to Stop a Panic Attack in Public…

So, here we go with answer to this query…

How to Stop a Panic Attack in Public?

Tips on how to stop or prevent panic attacks in public include:

  • Keep a ‘calm down kit’ in your car or bag
  • Get yourself to a safe place
  • Ask for help, if you required
  • Stay where you are. Don’t try to move somewhere else.

These tips are for surely effective… when its about how to stop a panic attack in public or how to stop panic attacks forever.

So, here finally blog ends up Panic Disorder Treatment in Patna, Bihar.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading it, got your doubts clear on this disorder and got clear on how Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh is the best for treatment of this mental disorder.

Same sort of blog will be sharing in future…

So, stay tuned..!!

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