Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh – Best for Insomnia Treatment in Patna

Insomnia Treatment in Patna

Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh – Best for Insomnia Treatment in Patna

If you are looking for Insomnia Treatment then this blog is apt for you. Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which individuals find it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, or both.

Insomnia Meaning

It is a sleep disorder that results in trouble falling and/or staying asleep.

Insomnia sufferers don’t even feel refreshed when they wake up from sleeping. Moreover, it can lead to symptoms like fatigue, tiredness etc. Adding more, Insomnia cites as the most common of all sleep disorders, according to the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

Let us look at the causes of insomnia. One must know the insomnia before stepping into insomnia treatment.

Insomnia Causes

Categorically, Insomnia are of two types: primary and secondary.

Causes of primary insomnia includes:

  • Traumatic stress due to job, love-life, family issues, death of a loved one.
  • Surroundings (noise, light, or temperature)
  • Changes in sleep cycle owing to change in work shifts or any bad habits like alcohol, clubbing, etc.

While, causes of secondary insomnia lists as:

  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Medications for cold, allergies, depression, asthma, and hypertension
  • Pain or discomfort at night.
  • Caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco use.
  • Other sleep disorders like sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome.

Owing to these causes, one can get Insomnia which can have symptoms which include:

  • Sleepiness during the day
  • Fatigue, mood changes, and irritability.
  • Grumpiness
  • Problems with concentration
  • Memory loss

Acute insomnia can cause fever and a proper sleep cycle can cure insomnia fever.

If you are facing any of these symptoms in Patna, then you might need to go through Neuropsychiatrist in PatnaDr. Vivek Pratap Singh… he do provides insomnia treatment in Patna. Neuropsychiatrists hold the answer to your question What Doctor to See for Sleep Problems.

Treatment for Insomnia in Adults

It is advisable by insomnia doctor to not to take counter-sleeping pills as it may have side effects.

Insomnia doctors generally go for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) as the first line treatment for insomnia in adults. Diagnosis wholly depends on Insomnia Tests which include sleep diary, Epworth Sleepiness Scale, Polysomnogram etc.

Sleep hygiene training may be recommended with suggestive changes to bring in real life. The changes may include:

  • Giving up caffeinated beverages near bedtime
  • Avoid exercising before bedtime
  • Minimizing time spent on your bed with other activities including watching TV or surfing the web on phone

Sometimes, medications are used by insomnia doctors to treat insomnia. An example of an over-the-counter (OTC) medication that can be used for treating insomnia is an antihistamine, such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl). But, these come with long-term side effects.

It is important to consult insomnia doctor before taking any medication. If you feel that you are suffering with insomnia and you live near Patna or somewhere around it, you must consult Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh is one of the best Neuropsychiatrist in Patna who provides the best insomnia treatment in Patna.

How to Treat Insomnia Naturally Without Medication

Nevertheless, Meditation is a natural-easy, drug-free method for curing insomnia. Meditation is the answer to How to Cure Insomnia in 12 Minutes

However, some lifestyle changes including changes in daily diet can also be considered to treat insomnia. Foods like Almonds, walnuts, fatty fish should be included in the diet to enhance the quality of sleep. Further, caffeinated beverages should be consumed in limit.

We should get regular exercise and should not consume heavy meals at night. E-books, phones should be avoided before going to bed. One should make his/her bedroom comfortable: dark, quiet, and not too warm or too cold

Moreover, one should follow a routine to relax before bed. Read a book, listen to music, or take a bath.

Insomnia Treatment Food

Some Foods and Drinks can help you get better quality of sleep. Thus, minimizing the changes to catch insomnia and even playing a pivotal role in treating insomnia if you suffer with the same.

You can include these edibles to enhance the quality of your sleep:

  • Almonds
  • Turkey
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Kiwi
  • Tart cherry juice
  • Fatty Fish
  • Walnuts
  • Passion flower tea
  • White Rice
  • Dairy products, bananas, and oat meals

Further, it is advised to limit the intake of caffeinated beverages and avoid consuming the same before bedtime.

How to Help Someone with Insomnia

Most importantly, one should respect the severity of the sleep order one is facing. It is imperative to talk to the individual suffering with insomnia and ask them of the reasons behind it.

If they are willing to share and share their problems to you, it would relax them and enhance the quality of sleep.

Further, you can take the individual to Sleep Specialist Doctor or insomnia doctor. If you are looking for insomnia doctor in Patna, then you must consult Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh who listed as the best Neuropsychiatrist in Patna to provide insomnia treatment in Patna.

Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh- Best Doctor for Insomnia Treatment in Patna

Dr Vivek Pratap Singh is the best insomnia doctor Patna who provides neuropsychiatric services in Patna, Kankarbagh. Dr Singh is a board-certified psychiatrist with M.D. in Psychiatry from D Y Patil medical college in 2018. He has an experience of 8 years which includes the position of ex-resident at AIIMS Patna.

Currently, he practises at PMCH psychiatry department and at his clinic in Kankarbagh and deals with all types of sleep disorder, neuropsychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry illnesses along with Day care deaddiction.

So, if you are searching for insomnia treatment in Patna, Insomnia Doctor Specialist near Me, and Insomnia Doctor near Me; then you must go and consult Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh without a further ado.

We hope this blog helped you out with Sleeping Problem Doctor near Me, Insomnia Doctor in Patna, Neuropsychiatrist in Patna, Insomnia Treatment in Patna etc.


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