Is Talking to Yourself a Sign of Depression – Know Your Mental Health

Is talking to yourself a sign of depression

Is Talking to Yourself a Sign of Depression – Know Your Mental Health

Is talking to yourself a sign of depression?

There’s a joke that has been circulating around that is, ‘ I talk to myself when I need expert advice’. A lot of people believe and apply that saying to their life.

Talking to oneself is called self-talk when one expresses their emotions, intuitions, and inner turmoil that’s going on in their head.

Sometimes, people get nervous and have a lot of questions, like is it normal to constantly talk to yourself in your head? 

Research has shown that self-talk is a way to express one’s belief from within about a situation and circumstances.

This is most common in children, as this is the way they develop their language centers, and improve their communication and understanding. 


Is it unhealthy to talk to yourself a lot? 

Self-talk is the only thing that assures there’s no health risk in any form. Although, if self-talk is associated with a mental condition or other psychological symptom, there’s a need to worry. 

When one is doing something, they talk to themselves in a way giving instructions to improve their control over the task. Is talking to yourself a sign of depression?

Along with that, self-talk during stress due to exam, or anxiety episode can help calm down yourself. It may motivate you to be a better person. 

During a competition, or a sport match, self-talk can help people perform better. Self-talk is a kind of therapy that can relieve stress and help one finish task on hand. 


Why do I talk to myself out loud? 

Some people have their standard inner monologue that they keep saying in difficult situations.

Typically, everyone talks out loud to themselves for various causes like problem-solving, or reasoning or when someone is dealing with traumatic flashbacks. 

There has been a lot of research going on in the matter as why do people talk to themselves out loud?

One of the reasons can be people who spend a lot of time with themselves, have fewer or no interactions with other people don’t have anyone else to go to. Their self-talk is kind of the only social communication they are doing. 

This behavior is mostly seen more in lonely people, or people who never had a sibling growing up.

Because they have never been around people they learn to talk to themselves regarding their feeljngs and emotions. For some, it even becomes a bit of a coping mechanism. 

People tend to talk to themselves because of some cognitive stressors that leads to them fweling anxious or nervous.

Feelings of anxiety or worthlessness triggers a self-talk to relieve the pressure the brain is going through. This talk lets people feel emotions and thoughts and aid to work better. 


Why am I talking to myself so much? 

Talking to yourself is a healthy habit considering the harmful effects of medications and other medical conditions. Compared to that, talking to yourself helps you to stay motivated and driven. 

Self-talk can help one reflect on their actions and experiences giving a clear perspective on things happening in their life. This can help minimize stress and emotional distress one feels after a sudden news. 

Talking to oneself has proved to be motivating. Hyping up yourself while facing a difficult situation, keeps you driven. Self-affirmations and encouraging oneself can go a long way. 

Talking to yourself can help you navigate theough your problems better. People can self-explain themselves to make them understand the reasons and see the logic where they only saw a problem. 

Sometimes, when you have grown up alone, you tend to talk to yourself a lot. That can bring up question in people’s head, why do I talk to myself like I’m talking to someone else?

Talking to yourself when you never had anyone to talk to, makes a different case. During this phase, talking to oneself can be narrating whatever that is happening, this way one can become more self aware about their situation. 

While talking to oneself, it can involve talking about what happened in the day, pondering about it, and reaching to conclusions that seem feasible to the individual.

Normally, that can be termed as a conversation between two people, talking about their day and events and reaching a conclusion about what’s bothering them.

People who never havd anyone to share their issues, personal feelings and thoughts start relying on themselves to get them through the day. 


Is talking to yourself a mental illness? 

Normally, a lot of people talk to themselves, about a number of things which might not even be important.

However, sometimes talking to oneself about unrealistic situations and completely different things that are unrelated to your life can be a sign of some serious mental condition.

Add the talking to oneself with hallucinations and you get a disaster called Schizophrenia. 

Schizophrenia is a mental condition that is becoming relatively common in young people in their 20s. Tbis is dur to the major transitioning people go through during this phase, coupled with genetic and environmental causes.

Drugs are the major causes for devloping schizophrenia. Substances abuse and overuse of alcohol leads to patients suffering with schizophrenia. 

It is most common disorder compared with Alzheimer’s. 

Schizophrenia symptoms manifests as 

  • Disorganised thoufhts
  • Blocked or jumbled feelings
  • Making up of new words
  • New words with new meanings 
  • Delusions 
  • Hallucinations 

Schizophrenic patients undergo changes in their brain chemistry affecting the way their nrain thinks. This leads to disordered thoughts, and changes in behaviour.

Patients talk about someone wanting to harm them, they think that people are out to gwt them. These unrealistic thoughts are called delusions. Depending on the context, the delusions vary widely. 

A person can hear, see, smell, or feem things that are not normally present in reality. They can see things that are actually not happening in real life. This is termed as hallucinations.

Sometimes, achizophrenic patients hear voices and respond to them that is known as hallucination. Due to these symptoms, no one believes them for what they are talking, and start keeping a distance.

This makes them socially distant and detached feom the world. They find it difficukt to exoress their emotions and feelings and go back to their shells. 


Is talking to yourself a part of depression?

As mentioned previously, that self-talk is a form of swlf-explaination for people who want to work out problems, and need reasoning.

It a problem-solving habit for some people. However, certain mwntal health conditions are associated with self-talk that is detrimental for their life and problems. 

At times people talk to themselves negatively that can affect the self-esteem and confidence of young people.

This is a harmful trait, and is a characteristic of some mental conditions. Mental health conditions like 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD 
  • Schizophrenia 

These are associated with self-talk, offers comfort by providing deep insight into the event. Although, if it os done excessively and interferes with daily functioning, it is a serious condition.

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Should I be concerned if I talk to myself a lot?

Self talk can be distressing for an individual if they are constantly engaging in negative self-talk about their feelings and their life choices.

Sometimes, people with earing disorder suffer from negative self-talking regarding their body image making rhwmselves beoieve that it is not upto the standards of society. This leads to them starve themselves to hunger. 

People depressed or suffering with anxiwty disorder, can make their symptoms look like it’s their fault resulting in them talking about dark, negative thoughts.

It can be a force of negativity. And, whrn this happens, you should be concerned about it.

If a person is engaging in a talk by responding to the voices in thwir heads, it’s a matter of concern. And, one should consult a neuropsychiatrist in Patna, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh. 


How much self talk is normal? 

Talking to yourself about your daily events and struggles, and coming out with a solution can have clear benefits.

Self-talk is known to boost self-condidence and can get a better perspective on a situation one is worried about.

Asking yourself questions about things that bother you, or about something that you’ve learned can help your memory and this enforces in long-term memory engraving it in. 

When the self-talk is helping you get a better sense of your feelings and circumstamces, it is normal and benefical.

But, if it’s affecting you negatively, and you’re spiralling down the path of self-destructive behaviors it is not normal or healthy. 

With that, condiitions such as schizophrenic people talk to themselves incoherently due to their disorganised thoughts.

They might even be responding to the voices in their heads which is harmful for their memtal health. During this time, talking to oneself is not mecesaarily considered self-talk. It is more of a symptom. And, this is not considered normal. 


Is talking to yourself a sign of depression? 

Typically, it’s normal to talk with yourself, but sometimes your thoughts and  talking out loud can disrupt people around you. So, when someone asks, how do i stop myself from talking too much? 

What you can do is write down your thoughts, whatever is going inside your head. Journaling is a great way to release your feelings and works as the best alternative. 

Talking to a friend or someone you trust about the  issues you are facing can help you get a perspective from a third person. This can help you breakdown the problem better and help seal with it. 

Try and distract ypurself from talking out loud. Do activities that make you happy and distract you from the constant urge to talk.

Try eating something, doodling or reading, these activities can help one resist the temptation to talk out loudly. 

Self-talk is the most effective way to keep yourself motivated and focused. It has been found to be quite productive when dealing with difficult times. Everyone does it, and there’s nothing wrong in it. 

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