What causes Autism Spectrum Disorders? [Autism Treatment in Patna]

What causes Autism Spectrum Disorders

What causes Autism Spectrum Disorders? [Autism Treatment in Patna]

Autism spectrum disorders are conditions associated with brain development that affect the way people recognize and socialize with others, causing problems with social interaction and communication.

This disorder also includes limited and repetitive behavioral patterns. The term “spectrum” for autism spectrum disorders refers to a variety of symptoms and severity.

Moreover, According to Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh, the most renowned Autism Doctor in Patna, Autism spectrum disorders begin in early childhood and eventually cause functional problems in society, such as at school and at work. Children often show symptoms of autism in the first year.

A few children develop normally during the first year, then develop symptoms of autism and undergo regression between the ages of 18 and 24 months, & it gives rise to Autism spectrum disorder in adults.

What causes Autism Spectrum Disorders?

There is no single known cause for autism spectrum disorders. Given the complexity of the disorder and the fact that the symptoms and severity vary, there are probably many causes.

Though, Both genetics and the environment can play a role…..


Several different genes appear to be involved in autism spectrum disorders. For some children, autism spectrum disorders may be associated with hereditary disorders.

While,  For other children, genetic changes (mutations) can increase the risk of autism spectrum disorders. Other genes can affect brain development, how brain cells communicate and can determine the severity of symptoms.

Some gene mutations appear to be inherited, while others occur spontaneously.

Environmental Factors

Researchers are currently investigating environmental causes of autism such as viral infections, medications, and complications during pregnancy, and air pollution contributes to autism spectrum disorders.

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What Are the 3 Main Symptoms of Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder symptoms are usually apparent in early childhood, 12-24 months of age. However, symptoms may appear sooner or later.

Although, The first symptoms may include a marked delay in language or social development.

DSM-5 classifies OSV symptoms into two categories: communication and social interaction problems, and limited or repetitive patterns of behavior and activities.

Social Communication & Interaction

Children or adults with autism spectrum disorders may have problems with social interaction and communication skills, including any of these signs.

  • Doesn’t respond to their name, or sometimes he doesn’t seem to hear it
  • He resists hugging and hugging them, prefers to play alone, and prefers to retreat into his own world.
  • There are little eye contact and no facial expressions.
  • Do not speak, delay words, or lose their ability to say words or sentences
  • They cannot start a conversation, start a conversation, make a request, or tag an item.
  • The autistic child speaks in unusual tones or rhythms and may use singing voices or robotic speeches.


Behavioral Pattern

A child or adult with autism spectrum disorders may have limited, repetitive behaviors, interests, or activities that include any of these signs.

  • It makes repetitive movements such as shaking, twisting, and clapping with your hands.
  • Perform activities that may cause self-harm, such as biting or hitting your head.
  • Develop specific routines and rituals and get angry with small changes.
  • There are patterns of abnormal movements such as autistic behavior, coordination problems, and awkwardness, and walking on the toes, and there is a foreign language, stiff or exaggerated body language.
  • Very sensitive to light, sound, and touch, but indifferent to pain and temperature.


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