There can be several reason on why a person chooses to watch porn. In this blog, find out about 5 common triggers of porn addiction. Nowadays, Porn addiction has become one of the major problems in every individual’s life. Because of this digital era, having access...

Bipolar Affective Mood Disorder is a type of mental health problem where the victims experience a sudden intense change in mood, energy levels, and behavior.  This Mental Disorder affects people’s minds in a way that can lead to significant impairment of personal and professional life.  Fortunately, the...

Are you or your loved ones find it hard to control their urge to gamble or are you suffering from gambling addiction? Then don’t worry here in this article we are going to tell you everything about gambling addiction signs, symptoms, and treatment.
In today’s article, we are going to tell you everything about erectile dysfunction. So, if you want to know what it is, its causes, and its treatment then be with us till the last of this article to know everything about this.
t Do you think you are suffering from and want some treatment for internet addiction disorder? In case you don’t even know what internet addiction disorder is? Don’t worry, let us tell you. Internet addiction disorder is an addiction to always being on an online platform like YouTube, gaming, Instagram, and so on even though they have works to do. People who are suffering from an internet addiction disorder, find it hard to regulate their usage of the internet.
Although we are in the modern era, still many people find it taboo to talk about the link between mental health and sexuality. Now, if you want to know whether there is any relation between mental health and sexuality but cannot ask your family or nearer ones because of their thinking. Then don’t worry! We are here to tell you the link between mental health and sexuality and will try to solve all your doubts regarding it.
Now a day using the internet is very common. As the internet makes our day-to-day work easier every single human is inclined towards it. No matter whether one is a student or a working employee for both, the Internet is as useful as medicine to a patient. But like too much medicine is not good for any human body, too much usage of the internet is also not good as it may later cause you Internet Addiction Disorder. Yup, we understand one needs to use the internet for their work or get some information or when feeling tired then for the refreshing mind.
Want to know everything about autism spectrum disorder in children? Stick with us to the end! Have you ever seen a person who found it difficult to communicate with someone or show some repetitive behaviour or interest which common people don’t? Or a person who doesn’t have any feeling or hard to understand any kind of feeling, gets anxious or find it hard to make friends and sometimes also their behaviour get uncontrolled that it becomes very hard to calm them, even though they are only a toddler.
Mental health is generally connected with pain or disability in significant areas of work. There are a few types of mental issues. Mental issues may likewise be alluded to as psychological well-being conditions. Notwithstanding, this connection additionally works in the other heading. Factors in individuals' lives, relational associations, family issues, career issues, and many other elements can add to mental medical affliction.
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