How to Deal With Anxiety? [How to Stop Anxiety Thoughts]

How Can I Stop Having Anxiety Symptoms

How to Deal With Anxiety? [How to Stop Anxiety Thoughts]

If you want to know as to how to deal with anxiety, then you are at the right place. This blog is concerned for people like you who have constant fear for regular situations in your life.

These fears are generally termed as Anxiety attacks in a scientific term. Although, anxiety is just a summation of all such feelings like fear of some uncertain situations in present/past/ future, stress or worry. Therefore, this is the brief for what actually anxiety means.

Nevertheless, there are certain people who have different ways of handling it and might show some irregularities of symptoms. So, if you want to know as to ‘How Can I Stop Having Anxiety Symptoms?’, then keep reading the rest of the article.

Anxiety Meaning

Before directly jumping for your answer on How Can I Stop Having Anxiety Symptoms?, you should understand the actual reference to anxiety meaning.

In simple words, anxiety is the reaction to the stress and over thinking a person does over a certain problem that is making the person worried. A certain level of anxiety of a human is necessary, but if this anxiety remains consistent at a very high rate, then it can lead to anxiety attacks.

Thus, if you want to know about your anxiety levels, then you should definitely go for an anxiety attack test. There are many doctors which may guide you in this process. One of the excellent anxiety treatment in Patna can be provided to you by Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh. He is an experienced and excellent neuropsychiatrist which will guide you in your journey to fight with anxiety.

Nevertheless, let’s hear about some factors that can trigger the anxiety attacks to a person.

What Causes Anxiety?

There is no specific reason behind what causes anxiety. But, different individuals might face it due to several reasons. By analyzing some of these factors, some of the criteria according to which different anxiety disorders are divided into.

Therefore, let’s go through the types once to understand as to which criteria includes your reason for getting anxious.

  • General anxiety disorder- this type of anxiety is generally faced by most of the teenagers. It might due to many reasons like a general fear of something bad or a fear of a future threat. This generally leads to emotional and behavioral changes/consequences.
  • Obsessive anxiety disorder- this is generally due to extra obsessive nature of the person. This may include the health conscious, body conscious, etc people with some intrusive thoughts.
  • Stress related anxiety disorder- this might includes certain traumatic background or history of a person which leads to anxiety attacks. These might include some unexpected kinds of reasons like violent abuses, divorce, peer pressures, etc.

Moreover, anxiety attacks on regular basis is not at all good for a healthy body, t can lead to cardiovascular diseases, obesity, heart problems, etc.

Therefore, let’s move on to our next topic, which will describe you some of the symptoms of anxiety attacks. After knowing this, you will partially understand about your symptoms and then might understand your answer on ‘How Can I Stop Having Anxiety Symptoms?’.

Anxiety Attacks Symptoms

Different people react differently in the various situations that have to be handled. Moreover, it’s the same case here. Different individual handles anxiety with different kind of symptoms. Some of them include-

  • Less concentration
  • Absent mindedness
  • Insomnia
  • Physiological reactions like wet palms, increased heart beat, heavy breathing, etc.
  • Weight loss due to excessive over thinking and stress

Therefore, these are some symptoms one might recognize when they are facing with anxiety attacks. But, you might ask us, as to How Can I Stop Having Anxiety Symptoms?

Therefore, the answer to your question will be our next topic of discussion which is the most important part of this blog too.

How Can I Stop Having Anxiety Symptoms?

First of all, understanding these symptoms is very important. You need to understand how these symptoms make your body react and how to calm anxiety attack.

Therefore, let’s understand how to deal with anxiety.

How to Stop Anxiety Thoughts

  • Start with an anxiety test
  • With that try doing things that help you relax. For example, if eating makes you feel relaxed, and then do it.
  • You can take deep breathes with your eyes close. With deep breathes and stomach contraction and expansion, it keeps your respiratory circulation in good way and keeps your mind relaxed
  • You can also start doing meditation for few minutes, with some other yoga poses.
  • Other intermediate to yoga can be running or walking. This helps in relaxation of the nervous system.

Thus, following these steps can help you to stop thinking about anxiety. Nevertheless, there are people who still think that anxiety and panic attacks are same. Therefore, to relieve you off your confusion, lets move to the next topic.

Anxiety Attack vs Panic Attack

There might me many people who have misconception between anxiety attack vs. panic attack. Therefore, here are some of the differences between both of these attacks.

  • Anxiety can build up gradually, but a panic attack comes suddenly.
  • Anxiety has level of symptoms which can be mild, moderate to worse. But, panic attacks have disruptive symptoms.
  • Panic attacks generally trigger many other kinds of attacks.

Thus, with this it is clear that anxiety and panic attacks both have different ways to handle.

Nevertheless, if you still doubt about your condition, then you should immediately have a checkup. To recommend, Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh, is the best neuropsychiatrist in Patna. He has an expertise in the line of neurology and psychiatry. He has attained the degree of MBBS and MD with 4 years of experience in the line.

At present, he is practicing as a neuropsychiatrist in Pratap’s Neuro & Child Psychiatry Center is the best mental hospital in Patna. He guides many of his patients which face depression, anxiety, mood disorders, etc with proper counseling of the same.

Therefore, if you still have any problem relating to your question ‘How Can I Stop Having Anxiety Symptoms?’, then you should definitely visit Dr. Vivek Pratap Singh, one of the most trusted and reliable neuropsychiatrist in Patna, Bihar.


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