How to Increase Sexual Stamina in Men – By Sexologist in Patna

How to Increase Sexual Stamina

How to Increase Sexual Stamina in Men – By Sexologist in Patna

If you feel like your sexual stamina is decreasing or you are underperforming when it comes to sexual activities then there may be underlying issues related to it.

Examples include orgasm and ejaculation, tiredness, psychological stress, etc.

You may ask what is sexual stamina?

Sexual stamina is the capacity to remain engaged for a longer period during sex. Lifestyle changes may assist improve endurance. However, a medical ailment that is underlying may be the cause of decreased stamina that is not getting better.

There are many different definitions of stamina, but when it comes to sex, it usually relates to how long you can stay in bed.

If the speed at which you do the act dissatisfies you, there are several strategies you can take to increase your stamina and enhance your overall sexual performance.

The typical amount of time spent between the sheets for men is between two and five minutes. For women, it takes a little longer—around 20 minutes to get to the highest peak of orgasm.

By now you must have understood what sexual stamina is. Let us now read how to increase sexual stamina in men and women.


How to Increase Sexual Stamina?

For men:

(a) Increase the duration of foreplay: Men usually consider penetration to be the most significant, if not the defining, aspect of sex.

Many people with erectile dysfunction, nevertheless, could find comfort in knowing that they do not require an erection to win over their significant others.

ED may motivate an individual to try new methods that are more pleasurable with their significant others. Oral sex, touching, and kissing are all examples of foreplay.

Increasing the time of foreplay can improve the overall outcome. This will increase discharge time in males.

(b)  Use the start-stop method:  Try the start-stop strategy if you want to last longer during sex. Use this method by ceasing sexual activity whenever you feel like ejaculation will occur.

Take a deep breath, slowly restart, and then pause to postpone ejaculation for as long as desired.

(c)   Stop smoking: If you are wondering why my stamina is so bad in bed then smoking can be one of the reasons. Smoking can trigger ED by raising blood pressure and causing heart-related problems. Studies have connected smoking to erectile dysfunction.

A study of 13 studies on the effects of smoking on sexual performance conducted in 2015 revealed that quitting smoking frequently enhances sexual performance and lowers erectile dysfunction. This will make men more sexually active.

(d)   Control your worry and tension: Stress and anxiety can make it difficult to achieve or sustain an erection. It can discourage people from involving in intimate activities. A man may not feel energetic during sex if he is constantly worried about his sexual performance.

(e)   Speak about your problems: Sexual dysfunction can result from problems outside of the bedroom. For instance, a male who believes that their spouse criticises them excessively could suffer anxiety during sex, which could result in less enjoyable encounters.

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Communication between partners that prioritises feelings over blame games can help in resolving issues.

For women:

(a)   Exercise: Practising regular aerobic exercise and weight training can improve your body image, mood, libido, stamina, and sex life. These exercises help to last longer in bed naturally.

(b)   Make time for romance:  Putting sex on your calendar could come out as forced and uninteresting. However, prioritising intimacy can aid in reviving your sexual desire.

(c)   Obtain enough rest: Your health, especially your sex drive, depends heavily on getting enough sleep. According to one study, women tend to have better sexual desire when she have a pleasant and sound sleep.

Another study that focused on the link between sleep quality and sexual function concluded that both insomnia and shorter sleep duration were related to lowered sexual function.

Getting enough sleep is a fantastic first step in increasing libido.

(d)   Practice yoga: One of the many advantages of yoga may be enhancing your sexual life. According to a 2010 study, doing yoga for 12 weeks significantly improved all aspects of the Female Sexual Function Index.

Measured aspects of sexual activity included desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and pain. To assist you lower stress and boost libido, try including these yoga poses in your regular yoga practice.

You can even involve your significant other. This is how to increase female stamina.

(e)   Examine your prescriptions: Your sex drive may also be impacted by some drugs. Antidepressants may be associated with reduced sexual desire, according to studies.

The aforementioned points were some of the ways to increase sexual stamina among males and females respectively.

Now let us read about some of the food and medicines that you can take to increase your sexual stamina.


Food and Medicines To Increase Sexual Stamina

(i)   Watermelon: L-citrulline, a non-essential amino acid that your body converts to L-arginine in your body, is one of the most abundant naturally occurring sources in watermelon.

And the L-arginine is what can contribute to a stronger erection. L-arginine, like the tiny blue pill, stimulates nitric oxide production, which boosts blood flow to the penis and makes erections stronger.

(ii) Apples: It is all due to the abundance of quercetin in apples, an antioxidant flavonoid that has been linked to increased endurance.

You might think of endurance as increasing the duration you spend in bed since your body undergoes many physical alterations during sex that it does during exercise.

The changes can be like- an accelerated heart rate, muscle contractions, and calories burnt.

(iii) Pomegranate Juice: If you are thinking about what to drink to last longer in bed then pomegranate juice can be an effective remedy for you.

According to a new study in the International Journal of Impotence Research, pomegranate juice can help treat erectile dysfunction since it is full of antioxidants that enhance blood flow.

Animal studies have also demonstrated that the elixir enhances long-term erectile response, even though POM Wonderful provided funding for this study.

(iv) Tea: After water, tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide. A cup of it can have several health advantages, some of which may enhance libido.

Although it has less caffeine than coffee, tea is frequently a caffeinated beverage and a good source of polyphenols such as flavanols, theaflavins, and catechins.

In addition to encouraging healthy blood flow, the catechin in green tea can aid in the elimination of free radicals that might harm blood vessels.

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(v) Viagra, or sildenafil: Take this medication an hour before having sex on an empty stomach for optimal results. After consuming alcohol or a high-fat meal, the body takes longer to absorb it. Frequently, its effects continue for 4 to 5 hours. If you have mild to severe erectile dysfunction, it can last longer.

(vi) Vardenafil: If you want to learn how to become more sexually active by taking pills then you can consider taking Vardenafil.

This medication functions best when taken on an empty stomach one hour before having sex. Similar to sildenafil, the body does not absorb it as quickly when consumed with a high-fat meal or alcohol.

(vii) Cialis: One hour before having sex, this drug is taken with or without meals. Up to 36 hours can be spent using it. It can be taken in tiny doses every day or in greater doses if necessary.

The above-mentioned food and medicines can be taken if you are thinking about how to increase sexual stamina in both males and females. Now let us move towards our concluding para.


More pleasant sex for you and your partner comes from having more stamina. There are several things you can do to increase your endurance and spend more time between the sheets, from working out and eating well to using medication.

Start by putting one, two, or more of the methods above into practice, then assess your sexual performance to see whether it has improved.

Your stamina occasionally being sluggish is common. However, if it persists or other symptoms, it can be an indication of a more serious problem. In that case, think about seeing a doctor.

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