Treatment for Internet Addiction Disorder by the Top Neuro Physician

Treatment For Internet Addiction

Treatment for Internet Addiction Disorder by the Top Neuro Physician

t Do you think you are suffering from and want some treatment for internet addiction disorder?

In case you don’t even know what internet addiction disorder is? Don’t worry, let us tell you.

Internet addiction disorder is an addiction to always being on an online platform like YouTube, gaming, Instagram, and so on even though they have works to do.

People who are suffering from an internet addiction disorder, find it hard to regulate their usage of the internet.

For instance, a student who has the assignment to work on and the deadline is near and instead of completing his assignment, he is playing an online game or chatting with someone. This is an internet addiction disorder.

Let’s see another example, in the home instead of talking and mingling with family one is using a mobile or computer though they are not doing their work but chatting and playing online. This is also an internet addiction disorder.

By looking at the above example you can conclude that internet addiction disorder can affect your carrier and relationship with your family.

Now, if you think you are also suffering from internet addiction disorder and looking for its treatment, worry less.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about the treatment for internet addiction disorder. So, be with us till the last of the article to know everything about the treatment for IAD.

But before knowing about the solution to internet addiction disorder, let’s look at some points which will help you to find whether you are suffering from this issue or not.

Identify Internet Addiction Disorder

Here are some points, the person suffering from IAD may experience:

  • In negative situations for healing or change of mood rely on the internet
  • Can risk employment, relationship, romantic relationship, academics, or friendship to be some more on the internet
  • Showing occupied with the internet, even when not using it
  • Despite attempts find it difficult to stop or cut back on internet use
  • Use the internet more and more frequently
  • Insomnia
  • Feel fatigued and apathetic
  • Find no issue in lying to family, friends, or anyone to spend more time on the internet

If a person is spending 40 hours a week on the internet for work purposes and then at home spend additional 3-4 hours on the internet each day while not ignoring their near and dear ones then it’s not addiction as this is not harming their personal and professional life.

Now you know how to identify whether you are suffering from internet addiction disorder or not.

Thus, let us move towards the other and main section of today’s article which is the treatment for internet addiction disorder.

Treatment For Internet Addiction Disorder

The best neuro physician in Patna states that internet addiction disorder and impulse control disorder and gambling addiction shares some similarities among them, though internet addiction disorder is not diagnosed as an addiction in the Diagnostic and Statistical manual.

Solution for internet addiction disorder includes teaching techniques in which the person learns to regulate his internet usage.

The best treatment for social media includes the following:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Group therapy
  • Medication for internet addiction
  • Some alternative treatments

Now, let us look at what this treatment means.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the best and most effective treatments for internet addiction disorder.

In this therapy faulty beliefs and inaccurate thoughts which an individual suffering from internet addiction has challenged and replaced with new thoughts that are linked with a healthy use of the internet.

In this, your therapist or doctors may provide you with some behavior change plan which you need to follow to reduce your internet usage.

So, you can say in cognitive behavioral therapy, the therapist tries to change your thinking about internet usage.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing therapy usually focuses on identifying the reason to change and increase personal motivation for change.

Now how will this motivational therapy aid in the treatment of IAD? Let’s look at this briefly.

Don’t you notice that when you are not aware of the danger of something then you do that thing freely and when you come to know about its danger, you think twice before doing it?

Likewise in this therapy, you got to know about the jeopardy of overusing of internet, the side effect of being on an online platform, and many more, and this might lead to leaving your addiction to the internet.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is one of the best treatments for internet addiction disorder as one can get motivated and inspired by the experience of other group members with similar difficulties.

Moreover, it can also makes an environment that encourages members to follow the plan of their recovery more strictly.

Medication For Internet Addiction

In case you don’t know, depression and anxiety disorder might also cause internet addiction disorder.

So, when one suffers from internet addiction because of depression or anxiety then it may be cured by using antidepressant supplements but make sure you are consuming these antidepressant supplements after consulting your doctors.

Alternative Treatment for Internet Addiction Disorder

If you are in the starting stage of internet addiction and don’t want to go to an ant therapist then there are some alternative treatments for IAD, advised by the best also by following these you can reduce your internet usage.

So following are the alternative solution for internet addiction disorder:

  • Exercise- As we told you earlier depression can also cause internet addiction. So, if you think your addiction is caused due to depression or stress then doing exercise is best. Regular exercise is positively linked with symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Take a break- while using the internet try to take some time break from it. This method might be challenging as this requires self-discipline and a strong desire to reduce internet usage.
  • Leave your smartphone at home- when you have a phone you will eventually use the internet anywhere. So considered to leave your smartphone intentionally at your home while going out for some time or at a short distance.
  • Content control software- there are many software available that can limit your usage of the internet by blocking certain websites after a specific period of activity. Some of them are Surfblocker, StayFocused, rescue time, TMetric, and many more.

Hence, these are the best treatment for internet addiction disorder that therapists suggest to cure the problem.


Internet addiction disorder can affect your real life as it will cause distance from your family and friends, risk your employment, affect your merits, and studies, and many more.

So, if you think that you are suffering from IAD then go and consult Top Psychiatrist in Patna, so that they can best treatment for internet addiction disorder.

And if you think you don’t need a therapist or doctor and can manage yourself then there are some solutions like exercise, self-discipline, spending time with near and dear ones, and many more.

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