Everything About Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children

autism spectrum disorder in children

Everything About Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children

Want to know everything about autism spectrum disorder in children? Stick with us to the end!

Have you ever seen a person who found it difficult to communicate with someone or show some repetitive behaviour or interest which common people don’t?

Or a person who doesn’t have any feeling or hard to understand any kind of feeling, gets anxious or find it hard to make friends and sometimes also their behaviour get uncontrolled that it becomes very hard to calm them, even though they are only a toddler.

Moreover, if you think that they are a mad or mentally retarded person, you might be wrong! They may have a disorder called autism spectrum disorder.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder is a complex developmental condition that is caused by a difference in the brain.

However, if two people have autism then it doesn’t mean that they will show common actions or behavior.

For instance, sometimes who have autism spectrum disorder find it hard to communicate while some are good with social interaction.

 Scientists yet have to do more studies to find out the cause of ASD but with today’s research, it is concluded that genetic conditions might be the reason for ASD.

When someone has autism spectrum disorder then its symptoms start showing in them science their childhood.

Some children even show symptoms of ASD within the first 12 months of their life. Autism can last throughout one’s lifetime but some symptoms may improve over time.

Hence, it is important to find out at an early age whether someone is suffering from ASD or not as it might help them to improve their condition if treated properly.

And in this article, the best Psychiatrist Doctor in Patna is going to tell you everything about Autism Spectrum disorder in children.

Let’s get started!

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children?

Children who are suffering from autism spectrum disorder show symptoms during their first 3 years of life. The symptoms which you can notice in children who are suffering from ASD are the following:

  • Find it hard or lack interest in socializing with other children their age.
  • Very disciplined and don’t like any changes in their daily routine.
  • Often find it hard to interact with others, and while speaking many times they stammer also.
  • May take some more time than other children to start speaking.
  • Don’t like to get touched by any random person.
  • Always want to be alone and live in their world.
  • May not be able to understand or show any facial expressions or emotions like other children.
  • Might show some repeating movements like flapping hands, rocking, or posturing.
  • May show some abnormal attachment toward non-living objects.

But children who suffer from autism spectrum disorder have some extraordinary qualities like their mind power is better than any other normal human, measure or count perfectly in a short period which one either finds difficult or takes time to do, or best in arts or music or dance.

However, children suffering from ASD do not show all the above-mentioned symptoms but there is a page online name autism speak where they will ask a series of 20 yes or no questions about the behavior of your child.

After giving all the answers they will let you know if you need to do some evolution and also you can use the result to discuss with your child’s healthcare provider.

Now you all know about ASD in children, let us move to the next section of this article in which we will talk about the cause of autism.

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What are the Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children?

In this section of the article, we will talk about the causes of autism. Research is still going on to find that what is the cause of autism but some studies show that both genetic and environmental factors can cause autism.

Also, autism is not caused by any vaccine given to children or how parents are raising their children.

But there are some risk factors given by scientists for autism one can be autistic if his older sibling is autistic, have older parents, has very low weight during his birth, or has certain genetic conditions like Down, Rett syndromes, and fragile X.

Now let us look at some environmental factors that can cause autism spectrum disorder in children.

Environmental Factors That May Be Linked with Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • A pregnant lady who during her third trimester lives near a freeway, and traffic-related pollution area, the infant is twice likely to develop ASD.
  • Children who are exposed to toxins before or after birth might suffer from ASD later.
  • Some infections like encephalitis or meningitis which can cause brain damage might play a role in ASD.
  • Some complexion at the time of delivery.
  • Some infections or fevers a mother got during pregnancy might increase the risk of ASD in children.
  • Premature birth can also increase the risk of ASD in children
  • Maternal obesity, diabetes, or immune system disorders might also be linked with ASD in children

Thus, the above are some of the reasons that might cause autism but many studies need to be done to have a deep understanding of the cause of autism spectrum disorder in children.

So after knowing the reasons which can cause ASD you all might be wondering about the treatment for autism spectrum disorder.

In this section, we will tell you about the same, autism spectrum disorder treatment.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment

Many treatments can minimize the symptoms and maximize the ability of people with autism spectrum disorder doesn’t matter how old they are at the time of diagnosis.

If proper and appropriate therapies are given to them then it might help them to improve their abilities and skills but it is different for every person with autism.

As we know that ASD affects each person differently and this is the reason why there are different treatments and strategies required to treat the person with ASD.

Some of the treatments are as follows:

  • Educational and school-based therapy
  • Medical treatment
  • Parent-mediated treatment
  • Social skills training
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech-language therapy
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Joint attention therapy
  • Behavioral management therapy
  • Early intervention
  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Occupational therapy

To get a proper treatment in a professional vision, you must visit the best Autism Treatment Center in Patna.

Now, we know about the symptoms and treatment if you think your child might have ASD then it is recommended to consult a specialist for depth knowledge.


Below are some frequently asked questions for ASD in children:

At What Age Do Children Start Showing ASD?

According to some studies, autism spectrum disorder in children starts showing its symptoms from 12 to 18 months of age or even earlier sometimes.

Is Speech Delay Related to ASD?

There’s not enough evidence that states speech is related to ASD in children. It may but not necessary.

Do Children with ASD Laugh?

Yes, children with autism spectrum disorder laugh, but it’s 98% voiced.

How You Can Prevent ASD in Your Child?

It is still not known but some treatments can be done to reduce the symptoms by that your children can lead a normal life.

Can Anyone Lead a Normal Life With ASD?

Definitely yes but not all can have the same level of independent life

How Late Can Autism Develop?

According to research some children with ASD don’t show traits till the age of 5 or later while some show them at the age of 3. Hence, there’s no specific age for anyone to show the symptoms of ASD.


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